Time Management Tips for Busy Mompreneurs

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Mompreneur was a term I hadn't even heard of before having kids, but through a series of life events I've found myself with this title and all of the perks and challenges that come with it. Balancing being a small-business-owner and work-from-home mom is a constant work in progress, but this year, as my business has grown, I've come up with some pretty good systems to keep me on track. 

I get asked all the time how I manage to get everything done. That question always makes me laugh, because as a working mom there is really no such thing as getting everything done, but I can share some time management tips that I've learned along the way. These tips are helpful year-round, but during Q4 and the holiday season, they are the keys to my sanity! I also couldn't do it all without the help of brands I can count on, like Office Depot and Office Max.

time management tips for mompreneurs

Cricut Gift Guide for Those Who Love Home Decor & Organization

I am so grateful to my friends at Cricut for sponsoring this gift guide. If you purchase something I recommend, you'll pay the same price, but I may receive a small commission. 

People often ask me about my favorite DIY supplies and tools, and hands down, my go to for all of my decorating and organizing projects is my Cricut electronic cutting machine. Whether you're shopping for a friend or relative, or thinking of treating yourself this holiday season, giving the gift of Cricut is always a good idea!

I use my Cricut to customize my decor, to label my organized spaces, and to create holiday decor and crafts. Basically, it can do ANYTHING! Ok, maybe not anything... but darn close!

Using Cricut for home decor

How to Make Old Wood Drawers Slide More Easily {A Five Minute Fix}

It's been a while since I've shared a Five Minute Friday post, but this is a good one. If you've ever had the experience of wood drawers sticking and not sliding smoothly in an old piece of furniture, then you need to read on. 

The 13 Best Back to School Organizing Ideas

My boys started back to school this week, so we spent the weekend in back to school prep mode! We shopped for school supplies and new clothes, and of course, spent some time getting the house organized and ready for the fall routine. 

I've rounded up all of my best back to school organizing ideas, including kitchen organizing tips to make breakfast and school lunch packing easier, tips for organizing homework, schoolwork, and art work, and tips to keep your morning routine running smoothly.

Home Security Cameras That Perfectly Balance Style and Function

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Panasonic, but all opinions, as always, are my own,

You know that I'm all about finding the perfect balance of style and function! I've always said that decor should be functional and organizing can be beautiful. But now I'm taking my theory a step further... It turns out that home security can also be both functional and stylish as well.

Floor lamp with home security camera

How to Store Luggage and Organize Travel Gear At Home

I love to travel! Near... far... I'll go anywhere! And prepping for a trip is half the fun. I enjoy the process of researching and learning about new places as I plan our adventures. The list maker in me even loves to make a great trip prep to do list. 

When it came time to actually pack, though... that was the one part of the process I dreaded because my suitcases and travel accessories were a disorganized mess and finding what I needed was a headache. But no longer! I spent an afternoon organizing my luggage and travel gear, and now I can't wait to pack for my next trip!

Tips for organizing travel gear, organize luggage, organize tote bags

Modern Rooftop Deck Design Tips & Inspiration

While rooftop decks were once an amenity reserved for swanky hotels and high end apartment complexes, the popularity of residential rooftop decks has been on the rise in the past decade. Whether it's to take advantage of better views from this elevated vantage point, or to gain more outdoor space on a small city lot, realtors report that in many markets rooftop decks help to sell homes and can provide a great return on investment.

The Ultimate Target-Themed Birthday Party

Target is my happy place! When I was in law school and stressed about papers and exams, strolling around Target (even when I had no money to shop) was like my own personal form of therapy. Years later, as a new mom, people would advise me to sleep when the baby slept... but instead I often preferred to push a sleeping baby around Target in a stroller. 

If you can relate to any of this, then let me introduce you to Cassondra Selby. She has officially earned the title of Coolest Mom by hosting the most adorable Target-theme birthday party for her Target-loving 7 year old daughter! When I saw the photos of the party that she posted in a Facebook group we're both in, I immediately asked her if I could share them here with all of you. 

Target-themed party

How to Choose the Perfect Gray Paint for YOUR Home

One of the most common requests I get from friends, family, and clients alike, is for help choosing the right shade of gray paint. Each and every time, I know they aren't going to like my answer, but I have to give it them, and to you straight... there's no one gray paint that looks good in every home! 

Despite a million blog posts out there claiming to have found the "perfect gray paint," the truth is that the perfect shade of gray for my home may be totally wrong in yours. And more frustrating still - the color of gray paint you love in your living room, might be all wrong in your bedroom!

Can of gray paint with paint brush

Modern Home Office Design Plans 3 Ways

A few months ago I shared some home office organization tips with you, and I mentioned that I was dreaming of redesigning my office space in our basement bedroom. With a little encouragement from my friends over at The Home Depot, who are sponsoring today's post, and with some help from all of you who have shared your opinions with me over on Facebook this week, my dream office plans are finally starting to take shape!

travel photo color palette gallery wall