{diy with style} 10 Insanely Cool Upcycle Projects

There are so many things I love about DIYing... saving money by making something myself, creating something totally unique and perfect for my home that I couldn't buy in a store, and of course, the opportunity to give a fresh new life to something that might otherwise find its way to the trash pile.

Each month, I team up with the All Things Creative team to bring you a collection of creative ideas, and this month is all about upcycled DIYS. We've got some insanely cool ideas to share with you... 


Seriously unique ideas right?! It's amazing what you can transform things into with a creative eye and a little DIY muscle! I hope these ideas inspire you to squint a little and envision what you could create the before kicking an item to the curb. It might just have some useful life left in it after all!

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