{featured} Check Me Out at IHeart Organizing

If you've been reading my blog for the past couple of months, you've likely heard me mention Jen at IHeart Organizing and how much I am inspired by her and her blog. 
So you can imagine how stoked I am that today Jen is featuring my nursery as her Reader Space feature!

Please take a minute to pop over to her blog and check it out - and while you are there, stick around for a while.  If you like organizing and good design (and seriously, who doesn't?) then you'll be hooked!

Thanks, Jen, for featuring my space.  IHeart you!

For even more details about the nursery, follow the links to read about the design concept, the space plan, the ombre striped walls (including a tutorial), the completed nursery, the organized nursery closet, and a tutorial on the closet clothing dividers.


  1. Hi Angela! Saw your amazing nursery on Jen's blog and I'm just in love (and in awe!) of what a special space you created for your son and little one on the way. Congrats on baby #2!

  2. Hello! I am also new to the blogging adventure and I just discovered your blog! :D
    It is very nice and you did a great job with the nursery!!

  3. Hi Angela! I found your blog through IHeart Organizing and am so happy I did! Your nursery is adorable and yet so functional. I love it! I also have an Elfa closet system and Ikea changing table for my three month old. One question I have for you: my mother-in-law sewed a quilt that we want to hang in our nursery. I noticed you have an amazing quilt on the wall in your nursery. How did you hang it up so neatly? Thanks so much! Lisa

  4. Hi Lisa! My mom is a fantastic quilter and hangs a lot of quilts around her home, so I followed her recommendation and hung the quilt using sequin pins - which are shorter than a standard sewing pin, and really thin, but strong enough to be gently hammered in. The pins are skinny enough that they don't leave any noticeable holes in the fabric. We just put a row of sequin pins (five, I think) along the top of the quilt. It's best to place the pins just below the binding, because the binding will be thicker (more layers of fabric), and by putting them right below the binding they are also the least noticeable.

    Sequin pins come in silver or gold, but have very small heads so they are really not noticeable. You should be able to find them at a fabric store (like JoAnn's), but if not you can get them online. You could use applique pins instead, but these are a little bigger.

    One other note - my son is tall enough now that he can reach the bottom of the quilt when he stands up in his crib (though not for long, because we are about to drop his mattress one more time). He's never really pulled on the quilt, but I don't want to take any chances that he could pull in down and end up with pins in his crib, so at night I flip the bottom of the quilt up out of his reach and use a couple of pieces of blue painters tape to hold it up out of his reach. I can reuse the same pieces of painters tape a few times, and it doesn't harm the fabric (or the walls, of course). Then in the morning I can drop the quilt back down. This has work great for us because I didn't want to take the quilt down, but also didn't want to worry about my son getting hurt!

    1. Thanks, Angela! I'll give your suggestion a try. Congrats on your growing family!