Organizing with Style

I realize that everyone might not enjoy organizing as much as I do, but I hope that I'll at least be able to share some tips to help you make life a little simpler and a little less stressful. I have specific projects to help you organize each area of your home, as well as when you are on the go. And you have kids in your home, you'll find lots of suggestions for organizing your littles as well.

Below you'll find my best advice for getting organized and staying organized, broken down by category! If you'd prefer to see the projects chronologically, you can find the most recent organizing posts here.

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  1. In the first photo of organizing a small bedroom there is a white simple desk with a stool that fits under it. I can't seem to find where that stool comes from, it looks kind of like an African drum! Would you please email me where to purchase it and the cost. Than k you