{featured} I Spy... My Work in Print

Oh my goodness! I am over the moon to finally share a little secret with you... my work is in print for the very first time!

I spy our home in 5280 Home Magazine

Last fall, the Editor of 5280 Home reached out to me asking if they could photograph my boys' rock-and-roll "studio" under our basement stairs to be featured in the inaugural "Best of Denver Design" issue as the "Best Playroom in Denver." 
Um, yes please!

5280 Home is the quarterly shelter publication of 5280 Magazine - a staple of life in Denver. For those who are wondering what the number is all about, 5280 refers to the number of feet in a mile, a measurement well known to everyone in the Mile High City.

The magazine sent out a photographer just a couple of weeks later, and I did several phone interviews with one of their staff writers to share all of the details about the playroom and my work as a design blogger.

5280 Home Magazine photographer

5280 Home Photographer
The playroom feature was originally slated to be published in the Winter issue of 5280 Home, but they ran into a mismatch between the number of content and advertising pages, and my feature got bumped. The Editor assured me that the playroom would be published in a later issue, but I wasn't sure what to expect. 

Sure enough, though, a couple of months later I got the word that we were scheduled to be included in the summer issue. When my preview copies arrived in the mail a few weeks ago, I was so thrilled to see our full page feature! 

The writer really did an excellent job of talking about the space and encouraging readers of the magazine to head to my blog for all the DIY tutorials. I have many blogging friends whose work has been featured in magazines without so much as a mention of their blog, so I especially appreciate 5280 Home giving such clear credit to my design work and my blog... it makes the feature that much meaningful to me! 

Under Stair Playroom 5280 Home Magazine Feature

If you're not in Denver, you can still read the full article online at the 5280 Home website.

Beckett was pretty darn excited to see himself in the magazine, but when I asked if it made him famous, he replied, "I was already famous... I'm on a blog!" LOL! I wasn't even sure that he understood what I do, let alone that it made him feel so important. He's still quite proud of the magazine photo though, and he points it out to anyone who will listen each time we see it at the check stand in stores around town. 

I've always had magazine hoarding tendencies {who could recycle all of that design inspiration goodness?!}... and I've definitely collected quite a few copies of our issue of 5280 Home!  I am so grateful that they chose to feature the boys' playroom and give me the chance to see my work in print for the first time. 

5280 Home Magazine

And if you are a huge Bachelor fan, like I am, here's a little bonus... Bachelor Ben and fiance Lauren's Denver home was also featured in this issue of the magazine, but since they are splitsville now, 5280 Home did an online feature follow-up where you can read about his home post-breakup


  1. Congratulations Angela!!! What an awesome feature.

  2. You deserve it...and many more to come. You are very talented and an inspiration to those of us who need a little design help.

  3. This is so exciting Angela! I'm thrilled for you that your creative spirit is able to be shared in this way! Congrats!!

  4. Congratulations, Angela! Your design is so amazing and actually deserved the cover if you ask me :) We were featured in Detroit Home and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Make sure you frame that page! So very happy for you XO

  5. This is so exciting!!!! Congratulations Angela! A very well deserved achievement ;)

  6. Congratulations, Angela!! I have a feeling this is just the beginning...once others see your blog and the fabulous home you have created, you will be a media darling!! Your talent is limitless, and I wish you all the best, you have worked hard and deserve the recognition!!