{style inspiration} How to Add Some Mid-Mod Style to Your Home

When I was a kid, my parents like to "go a for drive" - just an afternoon in the car driving and looking around. As a kid, I didn't get this at all. So we are just going to sit in the car all day? And look at stuff? Boring! But now as an adult I totally get it! One of Scott's and my favorite things to do is to drive around Denver neighborhoods {especially when the kids fall asleep in the car} and look at houses - big houses, small house, old, new... we just love seeing all the styles and talking about what we would do with each one.

One of our favorite new neighborhoods to drive through is called Wilder Lane. It's a small pocket of new homes being built near my parents' house, and each one is an updated take on mid-century modern architecture. Every time we drive by, it gets me thinking about how I would decorate one of these houses if I lived there, so today that's just the question I want to answer.

I've been spotting more and more mid-century modern inspired furniture in stores lately, and some of my favorite mid-century finds are at Cost Plus World Market. Today I've partnered with my friends at World Market to show you how I would decorate my mid-mod dream home {and how I'd save money doing it - because all of the furniture and decor is 30% off during the Friends & Family Event at Cost Plus World Market!}.

But first, let me show you renderings of some of the "new century modern" homes in the Wilder Lane neighborhood to get you in the right frame of mind, and then I'll show you how you can bring some mid-century modern style to your own home, no matter where you live!

These are renderings of two of my favorite houses in the neighborhood...

So fun, right?! I love all the angles and the giant windows! But you don't have to live in a home with mid century modern architecture to have some mid-mod style in your life. You can add one or two pieces of period-inspired decor to freshen up your current style, or really go for it and decorate a whole room! 

I've put together some of my favorite mid-mod inspired pieces from Cost Plus World Market to get you started in your living room, dining room, or home office. Click on the "Shop This Look" links at below inspiration board to check out each of these pieces on the Cost Plus World Market site, and if you find something you love, be sure to grab it during the Friends & Family Event from March 9-13 when furniture and decor is 30% off. GRAB YOUR COUPON HERE!
Mid-Century Modern Decorating Inspiration

What do you think? Does mid-century modern decor speak to you? If any of these pieces caught your eye, you can get the details right here...






  1. Angela I'm loving these midmod style! Gorgeous colors too.

  2. We love to drive around and find the gorgeous mid century homes that we could buy next. We call it research. Great collection of items.