{style inspiration} Dare to Go Bold: Volume 1

Earlier this month, I joined a few of my Instagram friends in starting a new hashtag, #MyBoldHues. We put out the call for everyone to tag spaces, projects, and moments full of color, and Instagram did not disappoint! In these first few weeks, nearly 300 bold and beautiful photos have been shared using the hashtag. 

Each month, I'll be rounding up some of my favorite photos from the #MyBoldHues feed. Whether it's a vibrant paint or graphic wallpaper on your walls, a colorful rug or piece of furniture, or just one vivid accent in an otherwise neutral space... I hope these photos inspire you to go bold!

You guys already know that I have a thing for blue, so it's probably no surprise that this blue room from @thenewsaintly immediately caught my eye. Picking the right shade of blue is a challenging task, but she nailed it! And that black and white photo on the blue wall, juxtaposed against the blue-toned Billie Holiday poster on the white wall really brings the whole space together!

I stopped in my tracks when I saw the gorgeous stripes on the wall of this nursery/sunroom from @themakerista! That wallpaper is a major wow factor, and it woks so well because the room is filled with light and gorgeous white trim! Check out the rest of this space here.

I've been crushing on green for a while now, and I keep spotting green couches on Instagram that have me swooning. I love everything about this One Room Challenge living room from @suburbanbees, but that green couch is definitely the icing on cake. It's the perfect compliment to the neutral tones in the room! Check out the rest of this space here.

Can we just stop for a minute and appreciate this amazing graphic wallpaper that @modernpups used in his guest room?! And paired with that yellow lamp and bedding, these bold hues are winners for sure! He's also got the right idea, because he calls this his "guest room not just for guests"... I'm going to start staying in our guest room from time to time so we can enjoy it too!

Yuni of @loveyourabode has impeccable taste and her whole home is just stunning. She says that when she first bought this vintage overdyed pink rug, she worried that it was too vibrant, but it turned out to be the perfect compliment to her space. There's an important lesson here... sometimes you have to live with something for a while to see if it really works in your space! Don't be too quick to choose the safe option because you're nervous about the bold choice... try it out and give it a chance for a few days. Then return it if it's too much for you. But you might just be surprised how one really bold pop can bring an otherwise neutral space to life!  

Would you, could you, paint your door a bright, bold color?! This green door from @aturtleslifeforme has me shouting YES! Pairing this vibrant green with the white and navy allows this space to steel feel classic and sophisticated. Check out the rest of this space here.

I love combining style and function, and I'm all about creating pretty spaces that work for life with kids. This genius reading spot from @sararaak is a perfect example of both, and those bright green stools are just plain cool!

I have major heart eyes for this next space for two reasons. The first is because it's simply gorgeous! I mean, how great is that giant floral wallpaper?! But even more important is who this space is for. Jess of @brightgreendoor created this space to welcome home her newly adopted daughter from Haiti. I hope she enjoys every moment of growing up in this beautiful space! Check out the rest of this space here.

Thank you for joining me for this first round of #MyBoldHues! My co-hosts and I would love to see your colorful images, so please use the hashtag on Instagram for all your colorful spaces, projects, and moments! We'll each be picking our favorites to feature on the last Wednesday of each month.

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  1. Such great pics! Definitely see why you're drawn to them too :)

  2. Thank you! It's nice to see a collection of bold color without having to sift through a million white rooms. Apparently modernpups is my spirt animal design wise!

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed it Haley! Definitely go follow @modernpups on Instagram ... so much great color!

  3. We have of the same choices! I love this tag!

  4. Love your choices! So much fun!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing my family room Angela! Love all the other bold rooms you chose and finding new blogs to follow! :)