{decorating with style} Decor Staples for Easy Seasonal Transitions

I love to freshen up my decor for each season, but I don't love spending a lot of money on accessories that I only use for a few months at a time. I'm a big fan of changing things up with inexpensive pillows and I love to DIY a lot of my seasonal decor to keep things affordable. But if you ask me, there is nothing better than identifying a few staples of your decor that can help you seamlessly transition from one season to the next.

Today, I'm talking about my go-to accessories that you'll spot in my house no matter the time of year. These are my favorite hard working pieces that I move from room to room and repurpose season after season.

I'm not suggesting that you need these specific items of course! They are specific to my home and my style. The goal is to look around your home and determine which pieces are your decor staples, and to keep versatility in mind when you shop.


A great set of candle holders can serve you well all year long. And by "great" I certainly don't mean to imply that they need to be expensive... because mine definitely aren't! I picked up three random colored candle holders at a craft store and repainted them using leftover latex paint from my son's nursery. I chose three shades of teal because that is the central color of our main floor {living room and kitchen}. I love incorporating different colors palettes with teal for a new look each season, and changing up the candle colors makes for a very easy and inexpensive seasonal switch.

Spring Candle Holders

For fall...

Fall Candle Holders

Valentine's Day Candle Holders


Scale is very important, especially when working with a large, open space. Our entry is open to our living room, and I struggled for a long time trying to figure out how accessorize our long, thin entry table in a way that wouldn't feel dwarfed by the height of the ceilings and size of the room. I painted a very large canvas, and although I've never quite loved the way it turned out {and have plans to repaint sooner or later}, its large dimensions nonetheless help to define the space. But compared to the size of the art, most accessories just felt undersized. 

Finally we purchased three tall vases. Seeing these vases in the store, I kept second guessing if they were too large to go on top of a table... but by grouping them together on one side of the giant art, we finally achieved the needed balance. Two of the vases have very narrow openings, but the third, black and white vase was calling for flowers of some sort. I'm not ashamed to admit my love of fake flowers and branches {what else is a girl with a black thumb supposed to do?!}, so I have a set for each season that I swap out in this vase. 

Unlike my other seasonal decor staples that float from room to room, these vases never move an inch, but by simply changing up what is in the black and white vase, I can make a different statement for each season as soon as guests enter the front door.

Valentine's Day Pink Flowers

Fall Leaves in Vase

For Christmas...

Christmas branches in tall vase


I've always loved black and white stripes, and my striped throw has turned out to be one of my favorite, versatile decor purchases. It's constantly moving around the house and it looks great all throughout the year.

For Halloween...

Halloween Decor

For Christmas...

Christmas Decor Black, White and Red

Cool spring color palette


I was fortunate to be provided with the Infinite April Vase free from Uncommon Goods, but I did not receive any financial compensation and, as always, my opionions are 100% my own. I would never recommend something to you that I didn't truly love!

This last example is brand new to me, but there is no doubt that it will be one of my most versatile decor staples! It was totally love at first sight when I spotted the Infinite April Vase because as far as accessories goes, this one is as flexible as they come...literally! It's not really one vase... it's actually 21 individual glass tubes linked by articulated metal rings that can be arranged and rearrange to your hearts content.

This vase makes me think of those "Most Interesting Man in the World Commercials." Meet the Most Interesting Vase in the World...It's not always in a straight line, but when it is, it looks great on my mantle. It's not always round, but when it it, it's perfect on my coffee table. I was so excited about it's seasonal decor potential that I couldn't help but test it out in a few different arrangements as soon as I got my hands on it.

I started by connecting the two ends of the chain of vases together, creating a circle that I placed in the DIY acrylic tray on my living room coffee table. 

Infinite April Vase Round

I filled each glass tube with a different pink flower {the craft store, silk variety of course}. And just like that...bam! I never had much flower arranging talent, but this vase makes me look good!

Spring Infinite April Vase

If this doesn't say "summers not over yet!", I don't know what does!

Spring Summer Infinie April Vase

I've always struggled to come up with a good centerpiece for our kitchen table for fall - something long enough that also adds some height. The Infinite April Vase has already solved that problem. I started by positioning it in a loose zig zag shape...

Zig zag infinite april case

I added a table runner below the vase, then filled the glass tubes with gold and white fake flowers.

Fall Flowers in Infinite April Vase

Finally, I gathered a variety of glass, metallic, and painted pumpkins around the vase, and for the first time, I have a fall centerpiece that feels like it's really my style!

Fall Flower Arrangment Infinite April Vase

I also knew that the Infinite April Vase would be perfect in a long, straight line on the mantle of our basement fireplace, so I decided to get in the holdiay spirit a bit early by playing around with a Christmas display to coordinate with my favorite non-traditional Christmas colors of orange, grey, and white.

Infitinite April Vase on Mantle

Rather than more flowers, I wanted to go in a different direction to create a wintery feel. Fortunatley the craft stores are already well stocked with Christmas decor, so I picked up a variety of snowballs and snowflake inspired pieces.

Wintery display in Infinite April Vase

How's that for a non-traditional White Christmas display? I love how the Infinite April Vase looks with the DIY Christmas trees I made a couple of years ago.

Infinite April White Christmas Vase

One vase with so many possibilities! I am definitely looking forward to coming up with other ways to use it season after season, year after year.  

The Uncommon Goods catalog is one of those that I always flip through the moment it hits my mailbox because it's always packed with such unique decor and gifts, many of which are made by hand and/or crafted from recycled and/or upcycled materials. I have bought many Christmas gifts from Uncommon Goods over the years, and I've been known to dog-ear the pages of a catalogs to subtly hint at the jewelry that I wouldn't mind receiving myself. If you are looking for some new accessories to help you transition your seasonal decor, you're sure to find a few unique pieces with the added benefit of supporting a community of artists and designers!

There you have it...my teal candle holders, trio of tall vases, black and white striped blanket, and my new Infinite April Vase are four of my favorite decor staples that can be shifted around the house all throughout the year to help me usher in each new season. What are your key decor pieces that work for you in every season?


  1. This is the best! I just wrote a post about unique gifts from Uncommon Goods but this really tops it off. I love all the way it can be styled. This is genius!!

  2. LOVE the infinite vase!! And all of your flowers are so pretty! Could you please tell me in which craft store you find them? Great post!!

    1. All of the flowers in all three Infinite April Vase arrangements came from Hobby Lobby! I waited until there was a 50% off sale in their floral department 😉