{worth a second look} Biggest Flops of 2015

It's fun and rewarding to look back at my most popular posts of the year, like the 10 most popular decorating, DIY, and organizing posts that I rounded up the last couple of days. But then there are those posts that I get really excited about, that I am really proud of, and expect to be popular, but turn out to be big fat flops! 

Yup, some of my favorite projects this year turned out not to be your favorites! Or maybe you just missed them the first time around? So this will go one of two ways... either you'll find something new here to love, or you're going to get a good laugh out of these projects. It's a win/win, I guess!

Biggest Flops of 2015

Thanks for taking a second look at these projects! I hope you found something to love this time around!

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  1. I can't believe that some of those were flops - what a bummer! The dog coasters and gallery wall are two of my favorites, and I was sure the Ballerina cupcakes would be a Pinterest sensation!

  2. I'm with Melissa...those weren't flops in my book! I love the silvered pictures, gallery wall, Washi tape edges on the shelves in your laundry room, the rock and roll room for your boys, and how you decorate with wedding mementos. Crazy!!

  3. I love your idea to bring some of your favorites back, even though they weren't the crowd favorites. I love those dog coasters - glad you added them to this round up!

  4. I'm going to give the metallic glow thing a try on a bulletin board at work (a university). I saw it the first time and immediately thought about spicing up this display with your technique. I also thought the cupcakes would be worth a try. I'm not sure how you measure if something is a hit (views? comments?), but I have yet to see anything useless on your site.