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Getting organized seems to be on everyone's mind with the new year just around the corner! I have a long list of organizing projects I hope to tackle in 2016, but I'm enjoying one more week of family time before getting back to work. In the meantime, thought, I thought it would be fun to round up my most popular organizing posts of 2015 - as determined by you, the readers - to help get us all motivated and inspired for the new year!

Popular organizing projects

I also shared my best decorating and DIY posts of the year yesterday, so you may want to check those out as well!


Popular organizing projects

Each of these popular projects have helped us get organized, and more importantly STAY organized! But let's be honest, if you have kids {or even if you don't}, keeping the house picked up is a daily battle! This year, I shared a post all about what it really looks like to live with kids, and I shared 10 Tips to Clean Up the Mess Faster! Using these tips, I can clean up just about any kid mess in any room of the house in just five minutes! While this isn't strictly an organizing post, it was very popular this year and it goes hand in hand with our New Year's goals for a tidier house!


In addition to the above organizing projects that I completed in 2015, there are a few organizing post from my archives that continued to be very popular on Pinterest this year. If you are newer to the blog, I bet at least a few of these will be new to you!

This post contains a full list of suggested contents for babies and toddlers.
Look for an updated post in January with suggestions for preschool age kids!

Under the kitchen sink is one of the most challenging spaces for organize because of the pipes running every which way! But I have 11 great tips to help you use every available inch of space!

We needed a way to store all the bathtub toys that would allow them to drain properly, and as an added challenge, we still wanted to the bathroom to feel grown up when guests visit!

Our boys bathroom only has one tiny cabinet below the sink, so we got thought outside the box {or rather, outside the bathroom} to create additional storage space!

Piles of paper used to be my biggest nemesis, especially in the kitchen! But a couple of years ago I cam up with a simple filing system that I've been able to easily maintain!

If you are still looking for more organizing inspiration, you'll definitely want to check these out, and visit my full organization gallery for even more tips and projects!

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