{gifts with style} Teacher Appreciation Chalkboard Mason Jar Vases

Teacher appreciation week is just around the corner, the week of May 4–8! Today I've got a really cute and easy gift that you can make to say thank you to all the wonderful teachers in your children's lives.

Chalkboard Mason Jar Teacher Appreciation Week gift

When I think teachers I think chalkboards {yes, I'm old school like that}, so I added chalkboard paint to the bottom half of mason jars to create adorable vases that can be filled with just about anything... from flowers to candy, or even classroom supplies. The size of the jars would also be perfect to tuck a gift card or two inside since we all know the teachers always appreciate those!

Supply List
  • Large mason jars
  • Primer that sticks to glass {I used BIN}
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Painters tape
  • Decorative ribbon {I purchased mine from Joann Fabric & Craft Stores}
  • Baker's twine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Chalk

Step 1: Tape and Prime

Begin by using painters tape to tape off the bottom portion of the mason jar that you want to cover and chalkboard paint. Press down on the edge of the tape to ensure a good seal especially over any textured areas if the jar has raised writing on it.

With the tape in place, I applied a coat of primer. I used BIN primer, which is what my local hardware store recommended when I asked for a primer that would stick well to class. The primer was much thinner than I expected it to be, but it did stick to the glass very well. After the first coat dried, I applied a second.

Step 2: Chalkboard Paint

Apply one or two coats of chalkboard paint, or more as needed for good coverage.I used Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint left over from the magnetic chalkboard wall in our kitchen.

After the chalkboard paint has dried completely remove the painters tape.

Step 3: Decorative Ribbon

When I removed the painters tape, I was left with a nice crisp clean line. Nonetheless, I wanted to add a little something to dress up the jars, so I picked out some fun, textural ribbon from Joann Fabric & Crafts in several different bright colors. 

I use hot glue to affix the ribbon right along the edge of the chalkboard paint line.

Step 4: Prime Chalkboard Paint

Before writing on your chalkboard mason jars for the first time, you'll need to prime the paint by using the side of piece of chalk to fully cover the painted surface. Then rub the chalk in with a dry cloth before using a damp paper towel to remove the chalk. 

I opted to prime the chalkboard paint after gluing on the ribbon because chalk dust tends to stick to everything. I didn't want to getting chalk dust on the glass prior to gluing on the ribbon, for fear that it would cause a hot glue not to stick as well.

Step 5: Baker's Twine
Next, I picked out some baker's twine in colors that coordinated with the ribbons.

I wrapped the twine around the neck of the jars. I used hot glue to secure one end of the twine, then wrapped it around the neck of the mason jar five times, and used another dab of hot glue to finish it off. 

I tucked another piece of baker's twine underneath the twine wrapped around the neck of the mason jar, tying it in place. I let this piece of bakers twine hang down the side of the jar and wrapped and tied a piece of chalk to the end of the twine.

Step 6: Add Your Chalk Message and Fill the Jars

Finally, write a chalk message on the jar {or let you kids do so if they are old enough}. It's easiest to write if the jar is laying down on its side, so I recommend writing before filling it up.

Finally, fill the jar up with something special and you have a cute, handmade teacher appreciation gift!

Chalkboard Mason Jar Teacher Appreciation Gift

These chalkboard mason jars make adorable flower vases that can be hand washed and used time and again.

Teacher Appreication Chalkboard Mason Jar Vase

And they are just as cute filled with classroom supplies.

Chalkboard Mason Jar Teacher Appreciation Gift

Flowers, markers, pencils, note pads, rolls of washi tape, candy, gift cards... the options are endless. 

Chalkboard Mason Jar Teacher Appreciation Gift

What would you put in these mason jars for your children's teachers?

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  1. What a cute idea and likely something the kids can help with! As a former teacher, I always found myself running low on so many things at this time of the year. I'd likely fill this with some of the ideas pictured- sharpies or flair pens, glue sticks, pencils, post its, and stickers! It looks so pretty with the flowers though, so I might have to do that and include some of the school supplies on the side...... or maybe make two jars. :) Thanks for sharing this fairly easy DIY idea!

  2. Those are darling! I am sure the teachers were delighted to receive such a thoughtful, useful and cute as cute can be gift. Thanks for sharing on our page!