{shopping for style} Stocking Stuffers for the DIYer + The Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up

Today I've teamed up with 8 other bloggers to bring you the Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up! Each blogger has curated a collection of fantastic gift ideas, beginning with my list of twelve great stocking stuffers for the DIY'er. Let the shopping begin!

{1} Stanley 3' Key Chain Measuring Tape - $4.47 from Amazon - I bought a small key chain measuring tape like this one from the dollar section of Target a couple of years ago, and it has changed my life! It makes project shopping so much easier when you can quickly check measurements. No more returning an item because its not the right size!

{2} Titan Mini Magnetic Parts Tray  $6.18 from Amazon - I get so tired of searching around for screws and small parts that roll of the table and end up on the floor. And this is especially dangerous with small kids in the house. But with this magnetic tray, all of your parts will stay put while you work on your project, or even for storage. The tray features a strong magnet that even works upside down, and a rubber base to prevent scratching your surfaces.

{3} Mug Boss -  $7.50 from Amazon - You may have seen the Bucket Boss that turns a plain bucket into a handy tool box, and now there's the Mug Boss that turns a standard coffee mug into a convenient spot to corral those smaller items that you need to take from place to place while working on projects - pencils, scissors, exacto knives, and more! The Mug Boss also makes a great desk organizers for the DIYer.

{4} Swiss+Tech Hand Mount Tool Light - $6.07 from Amazon - You know the story...you need to shine some light on the subject while working in a tight space, but when you ask someone to hold a flashlight for you, you just end up with shadows that make it harder to see. Or worse, you wind up trying to hold a flashlight in your mouth. Sound familiar? I bought my husband this hand mount tool light for Christmas last year, and it has solved all those problems for us. By wearing this LED light right on your hand, the light is always shining right where you are working! The strap is adjustable to fit any hand and it only weighs half an ounce!

{5} Handyman In Your Pocket - $11.00 from Amazon - This is a great guide with over 760 pages of reference material covering maintenance, science, engineering, contracting, building, and more! A wealth of information in a book small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.

{6} 15 in 1 Ratcheting Screwdriver - $19.99 from The Container Store - This screwdriver houses thirteen bits and an extender in the base, allowing you to quickly change them out with just a simple twist. The head of the screwdriver can rotate to 45- and 90-degrees, making it easy to work even in awkward spaces.

{7} Mini Level with Angle Finder - $4.25 from Home Depot - At only 4 inches long, this level easily fits in tight spaces. This little tool also features a handy angle finder with a top scroll adjustment.

{8} German Goggle Styled Safety Glasses - $18.99 (on sale) from Restoration Hardware - These goggles were originally designed in Germany for welders, but the scratch-resistant safety-glass lenses also seal out dust, wind, snow or sparks. Safety is number one, but why not also work in style?

{9} Retro Safety Glasses - $22.99 (on sale) from Restoration Hardware - If German goggles aren't your style, then how about these geek-chic horn-rimmed safety goggles?! These glasses feature tough polycarbonate lenses, removable perforated side cups, and adjustable temples.

{10} Finger Wrench - $3.95 from Lee Valley - When I first saw this product I thought, "What the heck is that?" Then I saw how it worked and started thinking of all the times I could have used it! When you need to hold a small nut or bold in an awkward or tight spot, this wrench would save the day! Finger pressure holds the nut or bolt in the wrench, and the raised, tapered slot prevents it from turning. This works with all nuts up to 1/2". UPDATE: The Finger Wrench pictured here is now out of stock at Lee Valley - but here is a great alternative!

{11} Fraction Calculator Wheel - $9.95 from Lee Valley - This little tool would have been so useful when I was hanging the gallery wall in our master bedroom! This compact wheel calculator lets you add and subtract any number of fractions (64ths, 32nds, 16ths, 8ths, quarter and half inches) and displays the results in the window.

{12} MagnoGrip -$12.94 from Amazon - Rather than holding those extra nails in your mouth, why not go the safer and easier route with this magnetic wristband that acts like a third hand?!

Now here are 8 more gift guides to help you find the perfect present for everyone on your Christmas list. Click on each image to be directed to the curating blogs for the all the details and links to purchase the products.

I hope all these gift guides have given you a good start on your holiday shopping! If handmade gifts are more your style, then be sure to come back on Friday when I'll be sharing a great round up of gifts that you can make in just 5 minutes!

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