{featured} I'm Sharing Tips for Organizing Kids' Closets

It's a busy Friday, folks!! I just kicked off Five Minute Friday with a post about how I created an organized baking drawer in a few short minutes. {If you don't know what Five Minute Friday is all about, you can also read last week's introduction here!}

This afternoon I am also blogging over at Pretty Well Organized, where I am sharing my best tips and tricks for organizing closets for babies & toddlers, with suggestions for how to adapt the organizing systems as your kids get older.

One of the biggest challenges in organizing a closet for a young child is keeping track of all of the different sizes of clothes - making sure that you are always prepared for the size they are about to grow into, while ensuring that they don't outgrow something before it gets worn. Then there's the question of what to do with all the clothes that they've outgrown but you're not yet ready to get rid of. And tiny baby socks...don't even get me started on baby socks! 

Head over to Pretty Well Organized to learn how I've solved these problems at our house!

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