{five minute friday} Washi Tape iPad Cover

Friday, August 21, 2015

Happy Friday, friends! I almost skipped Five Minute Friday this week because I was in NYC all week scoping out new trends and finding style inspiration, and not at home working on projects. But as I was unpacking my bag I remembered that one of the exhibitors at NY Now {a trade show of the latest innovations in home decor} had given me a large roll of "interior masking tape," so I decided to use it to give my iPad a really quick makeover.

Washi Tape iPad Cover

The iPad that I often carry in my purse just has a "smart cover" that keeps dust off of the screen and attaches by magnet.

But this leaves the back of the iPad uncovered. 

A little boring, right?! Well, no longer! That roll of 4 inch wide interior masking tape that I brought home from NY Now was just what I needed to give my iPad a mini-makeover.

Decolfa masking tape iPad Cover

The tape is thin like washi-tape, just much wider. It's made by a Japanese company called Decolfa, and I'm still trying to figure out if it is currently available through any retailers in the US. I have an email in to them, and I'll update this with a link if I find somewhere you can buy this specific tape! But in the meantime, you can do this same project using regular washi tape or any other decorative tape that is easy to remove without leaving a residue.

I applied two strips of the Decolfa tape side by side on the back of my iPad. 

Washi Tape iPad Cover

Washi Tape iPad Cover

I used a pair of scissors to trim the decorative tape right along the edge of the iPad.

Washi Tape iPad Cover

At this point, the entire back of my iPad was covered in the pretty, decorative tape. But that meant that even my camera and buttons were covered up. Since this tape is paper thin - just like washi tape - it was easy for me to snip the tape with my scissors and trim right around the controls and the camera lens.

Washi Tape iPad Cover

Washi Tape iPad Cover

And that's all there was to it. 

Washi Tape iPad Cover

In just a couple minutes, my iPad went from boring to gorgeous!

It now looks like a piece of art sitting on top of my stack of interior design magazines! So pretty, right?!

Washi Tape iPad Cover

Covering my iPad with washi tape was super quick, but it makes big impact! And that's what Five Minute Friday is all about!

Washi Tape iPad Cover

Decolfa also makes awesome tile stickers that would be perfect for creating a backsplash in a rental property! Here are the photos I snapped in their booth at NY Now. As soon as I can find out where you can buy these, I'll give you guys an update!

Decolfa Tile Stickers

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