The Ultimate Target-Themed Birthday Party

Target is my happy place! When I was in law school and stressed about papers and exams, strolling around Target (even when I had no money to shop) was like my own personal form of therapy. Years later, as a new mom, people would advise me to sleep when the baby slept... but instead I often preferred to push a sleeping baby around Target in a stroller. 

If you can relate to any of this, then let me introduce you to Cassondra Selby. She has officially earned the title of Coolest Mom by hosting the most adorable Target-theme birthday party for her Target-loving 7 year old daughter! When I saw the photos of the party that she posted in a Facebook group we're both in, I immediately asked her if I could share them here with all of you. 

Target-themed party

Cassondra is a realtor who lives in Gettysburg, PA with her three children, her boyfriend, two dogs, some fish, a parrot, and their house duck. A few months ago, when she asked her youngest what she wanted to do for her 7th birthday, Andorra (whose idea of heaven is a trip to the Target Dollar Spot and shopping for Jojo clothes with an Icee) requested to take her friends shopping at Target. 

She shares her daughter's love of Target, but Cassondra couldn't imagine trying to wrangle a bunch of seven year olds shopping in Target without going broke, so she came up with a better idea... a Target-themed birthday party! 

Target-themed birthday cake

Every detail of this party is just so spot on (get it?!) and I'm excited to share it with you! This post contains some affiliate links. If you purchase something recommended in this post, you'll pay the same price, but I may receive a small commission.

Target-themed party decor Target-themed party ideas


Let's start with the Target-themed party decor that Cassondra created herself. She jokes that she's always been extra, and loves going above and beyond and being that mom when it comes to planning parties. Her Cricut {the electronic cutting machine you often hear me talk about for my own DIY, decor, and organizing projects} helps her bring her ideas to life, including this awesome DIY Happy Birthday Banner. I adore the way she used the pages from Target ads behind the banner!

Cricut made Target-themed party banner

Cassondra welcomed her guests to the Target party by turning her patio door into an automatic sliding door {just don't stand there too long waiting for it to open, haha}.

Cricut made Target-themed birthday party decor

And what would a Target party be without the always helpful price scanner? Cassondra also made bathroom signs to stay true to the in-store experience. 

Target price scanner Cricut made party decor

Cassondra made an official-looking employee name tag for each party guest using white oval badges that she customized using red and black adhesive vinyl that she cut on her Cricut. The family even wore red shirts and khakis to complete the Target uniform. Andorra also reported that a few of her friends liked the name tags so much that they wore them to school the following Monday.

Target-themed party Cricut made name tags

Of course, the birthday girl deserved special recognition, so Andorra was named Team Member of the Month!

Target birthday-party decor team member of the month sign

If you're planning a Target-themed party, a great tip is to stock up on red decor during an after-holiday sale. Cassondra purchased most of her red decor right after Valentine's Day, but post-4th of July and post-Christmas would probably also be good times to stock up on red plates, cups, table covers, and balloons.

Target-themed birthday party food table

Did you spot that little "Target Kid" sign on the snack table? Cassondra came across this Target Kid definition while doing party research online, and made this sign using her Cricut. She painted the canvas red, cut the letters from white heat transfer vinyl, and applied the HTV to the canvas using a heat press.


The Target-theme didn't stop at the decor, the cake and cookies are just perfection! The cake was made by A Little Bit Sweet...

Target-themed birthday cake

These OMG so cute cookies were the first that the baker had ever made to sell. Isn't that incredible? She did an amazing job! 

Target-themed party sugar cookies

The cookie artist doesn't have a website yet, but she clearly has mega-talent, so I'll update you when she ready for your orders!

Target-themed birthday cookies


Every bit of this party is just jaw-droppingly perfect, but the Target shopping cart filled with all the birthday presents might be my very favorite detail. Cassondra was quick to point out that she didn't steal it, and that they had permission to borrow the cart! What I really wanted to know was what kind of a reaction she got from the store when she explained why she wanted to borrow a cart.

Target-themed birthday presents in shopping cart

Cassondra went to her local store to talk to a manager in person. She says, "I don't think [the manager] knew what to say initially, but like I tell the kids, 'you'll never know unless you ask!'"  

After she swore to return them, and even offered to pay or leave her credit card for a deposit (which they didn't make her do), the manager agreed to let Cassondra borrow a shopping cart and shopping basket. The manager even gave the family Target sunglasses, Target highlighters, and lots of Target stickers. 

In addition to the shopping cart that holds the birthday presents, Cassondra filled one Target shopping basket with bags on popcorn on the snack table.

popcorn in a Target shopping basket party decor

Since party was held at the family's home on Lake Heritage, Cassondra filled a another Target shopping basket with rolled up beach towels and purchased some awesome "junk food" pool floats based based on Target snack bar favorites [popcorn pool float | french fries pool float | pretzel pool float | pizza pool float].

Target-themed pool party

Last, but not least, as a thank you for attending the party, each guest received a cute, red and white gift bag that Cassondra customized and filled with slime and other small toys from (you guessed it) the party aisle at Target.

Target-themed birthday gift bags

Well, now I know what kind of a party I want for my next birthday!

Thanks so much to Cassondra for letting me share all the photos and details of this party here on the blog. After emailing back and forth with her, I'm pretty sure we'd be good friends if we didn't live 1600 miles apart. I'm pretty sure our friendship would involve a lot of shopping dates at Target...

...and a lot of Cricut'ing crafting, of course!

Target-themed birthday party decor made using a Cricut

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