Modern Home Office Design Plans 3 Ways

A few months ago I shared some home office organization tips with you, and I mentioned that I was dreaming of redesigning my office space in our basement bedroom. With a little encouragement from my friends over at The Home Depot, who are sponsoring today's post, and with some help from all of you who have shared your opinions with me over on Facebook this week, my dream office plans are finally starting to take shape!

travel photo color palette gallery wall

When we moved from our small downtown condo to our current home back in 2008, the office was one of the few rooms we already owned furniture for, so we set up just like we'd had it in the condo. Fast forward more than a decade, and this room just doesn't reflect our style and it's not as functional as I need it to be.

The one thing that I still love about our current home office is the collection of photos from our travels around the world. When I'm designing a new space for myself or one of my clients, my color palettes are often inspired by photos and art. In my new office, I plan to use my travel photos to create a gallery of visual color inspiration.

travel inspired color palette office decor

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The home office feels rather drab right now. From the wall color and carpet to the dark furniture, I'm ready to give this space a complete overhaul. You know that we aren't afraid of DIYing and getting our hands a little dirty, so I plan to start by repainting the walls and tearing out the carpet. Since this room is in the basement, I can't put down a real hardwood floor, but I'm excited about the possibility of installing wood-look porcelain tile that will provide both style and durability.

The Home Depot has always been my go to for all of our home improvement projects, but I'm thrilled that it can now be our one stop shop for furniture, decor, and all the finishing touches as well! Their massive selection of on-trend home decor is 100% online, and the website is so easy to browse with lots of filters to help you narrow your search by color, style, size, and more. 

I love shopping for decor online, but shipping and returns can sometimes be a hassle. Not with The Home Depot! They offer free shipping on orders over $45 and you have the option of having the items shipped to your home in just two days, or you can choose free pick-up at your neighborhood store. Online purchases can also be returned directly to a store, eliminating the return shipping headache!

When I started shopping for my dream home office, I found so many great options that I decided to ask you guys for help! All week, I've been sharing some of my favorite furniture and decor finds from The Home Depot over on Facebook and in my Instagram Stories, and asking you guys to weigh in. 

A desk is a staple of any office, so I started there. I anticipate having a large work table on one end of the room for craft and DIY projects, so I just need a small desk with for working on my laptop and sketching out design plans. I narrowed it down to five of my favorites and then asked you to vote...

Modern Home Office Writing Desks
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After working for many years in a law firm where everyone had a standard issue black desk chair, I've always wanted a prettier, more feminine desk chair for my home office. I found dozens of gorgeous white desk chairs, and asked you to tell me which of these six you liked best:

White Desk Chairs from Home Depot

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Since I plan to replace the carpet with wood-look tile, I'll definitely want a rug to add some softness and warmth to the room. The rug will also be a great opportunity to bring in some pattern or color, and will really help me to set the design style of my new office. I was torn between going with a graphic black and white pattern {which you know I love from our dining room and master bathroom makeovers} or whether to choose a rug with a variety of colors to tie in with my colorful travel photos. Once again, I asked you to share your opinions with me once I'd narrowed it down to my top five.

Modern Black Rug 8x10 Home Depot

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When designing any space, my goal is always to strike a balance between style and function. This is especially important in a home office! I want this space to feel comfortable and inspiring, but it also needs to have plenty of storage for all of my office and craft supplies. In the current office, I have a lot of open shelving and quite a few file cabinet drawers. As we making the transition to paperless files, file cabinets are no longer a priority for me. 

I'm open to keeping some open shelving, but I definitely need more functional storage than I have in my current office. That could mean baskets and bins on shelves, or it might mean more storage in drawers or behind doors. I found a huge variety of gorgeous storage options on The Home Depot website, and asked which of these you like best:

Modern Home Office Furniture from Home Depot

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After tallying the Facebook and Instagram favorites in each category - desk, chair, rug, and storage - here are the office design that you all helped to create:

Gold glam home office decor with blue writing desk


home office design with black and white rug, white marble desktop, modern white swivel chair


I love both of these designs that my readers helped to create! The blue desk from the Facebook design is really calling my name, but I'm thinking I may put blue on the walls instead. I mean, why have a little blue when I could have a lot of blue?!

I'm still playing around with different combinations and options, but right now, the design I've come up with for my office is really similar to the Instagram design, just with a different rug.

Office Decor Ideas for Her with blue walls and pink and black rug


I've been wanting to paint my office walls blue for quite a while, but in order to do so, I need to balance out the space with some light and bright furniture. 

The white cabinets I chose was also the favorite among all of the Facebook and Instagram voters! This cabinet strikes a great balance between style and function with lots of enclosed shelf space, as well as a large drawer in each.  I'd like to place three of these side by side to fill one long wall of the office to maximize storage, while leaving lots of open wall space for my gallery wall of travel photos.

It's hard to tell in the images, but that desk I chose has a white marble top! What's not to love about that?! I just love the style of that desk chair, and I think the desk and chair make a perfect combo with each having a balance of white and wood.

I really went back and forth about a black and white graphic rug versus a colorful rug, but I think the one I chose is great combination of both. This rug gives me that touch of black that I like to have in every space, but the bright colors are playful and fun. Pink and blue are two of the predominant colors in my travel photos, so this rug will tie the room together nicely without competing with the very colorful gallery wall.  

What space in your home are you hoping to redesign or refresh? Let The Home Depot help you make your house a home, and feel free to send me a message or tag me on social media if you need any design ideas. I'd love to see what you are working on!


  1. Ooh, I love both of them, though I'd pick the black and white rug.
    I think the idea of lining up three of the white chests is an idea I'm going to steal for my dining room. Reality has hit that even if I did find time to paint the oak hutch, I still won't like it and it's not the perfect solution for what I need.

    1. I really like to use repeating pieces to fill a larger space! These white chests are the perfect combo of storage for me since they have a shelf as well as a large drawer in each!