Rooftop Retreat: Week 4 {One Room Challenge}

It's already week 4 of the One Room Challenge and I feel like I've been away more than I've been home throughout this process. I'm currently writing this from a plane waiting to take of from Salt Lake City, headed home after my grandmas funeral. Needless to say, our progress has been slow going, but progress is progress, so I'll show you what we got done this week.

As a quick refresher, we're working on the third floor deck that wraps around our master bedroom and bathroom. We haven't used this deck almost at all in the last 5 or 6 years, but we did have some lounge chairs and a table out there that had been covered all that time.

After removing all the old furniture, we could see that the Trex deck had some stains.

We brought a hose up to the third floor deck, then dropped one end down to the ground where we connected it to the water. Thank goodness for long hoses!

We sprayed down the deck, poured some Dawn dish soap on the stained areas, and used a long-handled scrubbing brush to clean those spots. It didn't remove the stains completely, but it's WAY better!

Once the deck was clean, we started assembling the outdoor couch.

We carried the couch frame out to the deck, and it fits great (good thing since I never actually measured, which is SO unlike me)!

We brought the cushions out and tested the couch out for a few minutes. It's super comfortable and it's going to be perfect for outdoor lounging and movie watching! Next up, we need to finalize the plans for our outdoor movie theater. Then I'll be able to start decorating and styling this space!

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