Quick Tips for an Organized Nightstand

It's been a while since I shared a Five Minute Friday organizing tip, but I've got a great one to take you into the weekend. Research has shown that a cluttered bedroom can interfere with your ability to relax and get restful sleep. Nightstands are a common culprit, but just a few simple tips and some quick organization can help you keep the necessities in reach without allowing your bedside table to became a catchall for clutter.

Black nightstand with silver handle blue vase and magazine basket


Choosing a nightstand with interior storage is the best way to keep the clutter at bay. If you don't like the heavy look of a fully enclosed nightstand, opt for a style with a combination of open and closed storage, like a drawer with an open shelf below. Storage within the bedside table allows you to keep the top clear and free for some simple decor. 

If you still need extra storage, a decorative storage box is perfect for keeping small items organized but out of sight. The small box on top of my nightstand holds a few mementos that have sentimental value. Stacking a pretty vase on top of the box helped me add some needed height and scale to my nightstand styling.

Decorative box on nightstand with white tulips in blue vase

Keeping the top of the nightstand clear of clutter leaves room for the day to day items you need, like a coaster for a glass of water and a good book or two.


Think About What You Really Need in Your Nightstand Drawer

What do you keep in your nightstand drawer? Is it full of the necessities you want within easy reach at night, or has it become a junk drawer hiding all the things

I do a lot of work in my bedroom in the early mornings and late at night, so my nightstand drawer serves as a kind of mini-office. The drawer used to be a tangled mess of notebooks, highlighters, pens, and charging cords. I felt stressed every time I opened the drawer, until I finally spent about five minutes getting it organized.

Messy Nightstand Drawer

Clear It Out and Add Dividers

As with any organizing project, I recommend starting by emptying the drawer completely. You'll likely find all sorts of things that don't really belong there. Get rid of things you don't need (donate, recycle, or trash) and then relocate the things you need but that don't belong in the nightstand.

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Once you've cleared out the space and determined what should stay (for me, it was a few basic office supplies, chargers, my iPad, glasses, chapstick and lotion) you're ready to shop for some nightstand drawer organizers to compartmentalize the space and keep it organized moving forward. My favorite (probably no surprise, since I'm a Brand Ambassador for The Container Store) are these clear divider trays from TCS. 

When organizing with divider trays, keep like things together and make sure everything has a dedicated spot. It only took me a few minutes to fill these trays with my nightstand necessities, and now I can find what I need, and I'll be able to keep it organized.

Nightstand Drawer Organizers


If your nightstand has a shelf, decide whether you need it for storage. My husband didn't need any extra storage on his side of the bed, so the bottom shelf of his nightstand is styled with some books and decor. But on my side, I really needed a place to keep magazines as well as my laptop.

His and hers bedside tables

A large basket contains all my magazines, but also gives me plenty of room to tuck away my laptop when I'm finally ready to call it a night.

Magazine basket on nightstand shelf

If you can spare five minutes this weekend, give your nightstand a quick organizing refresh. You'll feel good, and you might even sleep better!

Tips for an Organized Nightstand

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