Non-Candy Valentines: Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards

My boys' school has a wellness policy that requires that no candy be handed out at class parties, but since the kids enjoy giving and receiving little gifts, I designed these cute non-candy Valentine's last year. My son loved handing out these wiggle eye rings to his kindergarten class, and they were a huge hit with his friends. 

This year, I'm sharing these free printable Valentine cards with you!  You can download them at the end of the post. 

I bought several bags of multi-colored wiggle eye rings at Michael's, but they aren't available this year - at least not yet, they may become available as Valentine's Day gets closer. But you can get this big bag of wiggle eye rings {affiliate link} for an even better price!

I designed these "I Only Have Eyes For You" printable Valentine's Day cards to fit four to a page, and I added a white space at the bottom for my son to write his name on each one. At his school, they ask that the young kids write who the card is from, but not who the cards are to so that handing them out doesn't take too long. But there's plenty of space to write both to and from in the white bar if you would prefer.

After my son finished writing his name on the cards, we used a small piece of tape to tape the bottom of the wiggle eye rings onto the cards. {I split each piece in half to make it narrower.} I like how the bottom of the ring ends up looking like the little alien's nose.

If your kids would enjoy giving these "I Only Have Googly Eyes For You" Valentine cards with wiggle eye rings to their friends DOWNLOAD THE FREE PRINTABLE VALENTINE CARDS HERE. I recommend printing them on glossy cardstock. The black crop marks will make it easy to cut them down to just the right size.

Pin the image below so that you can find your way back here the next time you need cute, printable Valentines cards!

wiggle eye ring free Valentine printables

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