Inexpensive Wreath Storage Idea {Five Minute Friday}

Hanging a pretty wreath on the front door is one of the easiest ways to add some seasonal cheer to your front porch, but storing all those holiday wreaths can become a challenge. This is especially true when you have double doors, resulting in two of every wreath. 

I speak from experience! I used to just have two Christmas wreaths, but over time, I've added to my collection and now also have sets of front door wreaths for spring, fall, Halloween, and more. I used to use wreath storage bags in the garage, but I recently came up with a clever organizing hack that is saving space while keeping my wreaths in great shape.

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Wreath storage bags are great for keeping the dust off of your wreaths, especially if they are stored in a garage or unfinished storage area. I used storage bags for years, but as my collection of wreaths grew, I found that the bags weren't protecting some of my more delicate wreaths. I considered switching to solid wreath storage boxes, but purchasing as many as I needed was going to get pricey, and they would take up a lot more room in my garage. Plus, I was also having trouble finding an option big enough for some of my larger wreaths {like my DIY monogram wreath}.

I started considering other options and came up with a creative and inexpensive solution! I recently turned an extra closet in our house into a prop closet {more details on that coming soon}, and I was able to use the wall space on the side of the closet to add wreath storage hangers that hold more than a dozen wreaths. 

I purchased some flip up tools holders and Scott installed them on the wall of the closet. The holders only cost about $6 each {they were much cheaper at the hardware store than on Amazon!} and they install quickly with just two screws each {just be sure to use anchors if you don't hit studs in the wall}. 

Wreath storage racks

Each holder is long enough to storage four bulky wreaths, and the shape keeps the wreaths from falling off the end. I love that when they aren't in use, the holders can flip up and fold flat against the wall.

how to store Christmas wreaths with wreath storage hangers

I offset four of the tool holders in a zig zag pattern down the wall, allowing me to use all of the wall space from floor to ceiling. 

Unlike wreath bags I was using previously, hanging the wreaths prevents the feathers and twigs on my more delicate wreaths from getting squished or broken. It can be really hard to find 24 inch and 36 inch wreath holders, but I am able to easily store my over-sized and odd-shaped wreaths from these flip up tool holders.

Alternative to wreath storage containers

Of course, you may not have an extra deep closet with adequate wall space to install wreath holders for storage, but these flip up wreath hangers would also be perfect on the wall of a basement storage room or in the garage. 

If you are storing wreaths in a space where they are more likely to get dusty or dirty, you could use these flip up wreath storage racks in combination with wreath bags. Use the handles on the wreath storage bags to hang them from a flip up tool holders mounted to the wall to clear up valuable shelf space!

Wreath Storage Ideas including wreath storage hangers

There are lots of other great Christmas wreath storage containers available. I personally prefer the ones that you can see through so that you can quickly find the one you are looking for.



  1. Angela,

    Your idea for hanging wreaths is genius! You are an extraordinary innovator! Reading your blog is a pleasure, as well as a source of ideas that are doable for the average person. Please keep doing what youre doing.