100 Stylish DIY Christmas Tree, Ornament, and Wreath Ideas

Christmas trees, and ornaments, and wreaths, OH MY! Sorry, my kids have discovered The Wizard of Oz, so we've been watching it on loop. While the kids are cuddled up with this movie classic, I've been knee deep in holiday decorating, and I really love unpacking all the decor that I've made myself. I love that it's unique and personal, and it doesn't hurt that I saved a bundle by DIYing. 

Do you love to create your own Christmas decorations as well? Since it's the season of trees and wreaths, today, I've joined with the ladies of All Things Creative to bring you an amazing collection of more than 100 DIY Christmas tree, ornament, and wreath ideas, with inspiration for every style!

Follow the links below to get all the details on each of this stylish seasonal projects, and follow me over on Instagram for lots more holiday inspiration as the season goes on!

DIY Christmas trees ornaments wreaths

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