{one room challenge} Garage Makeover Week 4: Let There Be Shelves

I swear that there is some kind of One Room Challenge time warp that occurs because Thursdays seem to come too quickly! It's already time for the week 4 progress update, which means only two weeks left to get the garage makeover completely finished. Getting the "stuff" back in shouldn't be a problem, but it's yet to be seen if I'll be able to get all of the fun and creative projects done. 

That's a problem for tomorrow though... today let's celebrate what got done this past week. Be still my organizing loving heart...

Before I go on, let me remind you where we started just a few weeks ago.

In the first three weeks, we managed to empty the garage COMPLETELY, coat the cement in a gorgeous, shiny metallic floor finish, and wallboard the "storage wall." 

You can read the previous weekly updates here:  WEEK 1 | WEEK 2 | WEEK 3

Here's where we left off last week...

Our new fridge and freezer had just been delivered and the rest of the wall was just begging for storage.

This past weekend, we were finally able to install all of the drawers and shelves that I've been dreaming about pretty much forever.

In the previous, disastrous version of our garage one of our biggest problems was that we had so much stuff filling the floor in front of our shelf units that we couldn't actually get to the shelves. To address this issue, I needed to figure our how to clear the floor space. So the old shelf units had to go in favor of a new system of hanging drawers and shelves with open space below them.

I measured all of the floor-hogging items and determine that our outdoor rolling cooler was the tallest, so it set the height for our lowest row of drawers.

Twelve drawers later, we started adding shelves...

If you're going to spend a weekend working in the garage, it might as well be a gorgeous fall day like this one...

Ok, back to work. It was all going great until we went to install the last section of shelving on the far right side of each row.

We had the shelves cut to 30 inches... turns out we only had 29 inches of space. And of course, our saw is in storage waiting to be brought back to the garage next week. So back to the store we went to ask them to cut ONE INCH off of each shelf. Not the most productive way to spend our limited time while the kids were with the grandparents, but an hour or two later we were able to install the final shelves.

I realize this seems like a pretty boring update to most normal people. But if the sight of all those shelves and drawers waiting to be filled up makes your heart go pitter patter, then we should be best friends! I can't wait to start filling them up. And I really can't wait to start labeling them!

While the major organization will happen this coming week, I did get a few small projects done that are starting to make this feel like a real garage again. We installed a storage rail for our brooms, rakes and shovels. And to maximize storage space, I also added a few magnetic hooks on the side of the fridge to hold even more.

And I also started playing around with our new pegboard. I'm sure it won't end up just like this once I have a chance to organize all the tools, but I needed to stage a photo for another post I was working on, so I got a little glimpse of how this peg board will allow us to keep the necessities within easy reach.

See those cute aqua boxes on the top shelf? They are solving one of our major workbench storage challenges, and I'll be sharing the details next week. In the meantime, can we just appreciate how pretty they look with the painted pegboard?

Finally, the garage "man door" got a smart new look this week. Last month I partnered with Schlage to give our front door a makeover with a Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt {affiliate link} and new, modern handle {you can read all the details in this post}. The whole family is head over heels with our keyless front door {mom and dad for the convenience; boys for the cool factor of being able to tell Siri to unlock the door}.

So when Schlage asked if I'd like to work with them again to update the door hardware inside our house, as well as going keyless on the rest of our exterior doors, it was a no brainer!

Our garage is detached - separated from the house by the backyard. I make countless trips out to the garage every day, and at least half of the time I get out there only to realize I don't have the key and I have to run back in the house to get it. But not anymore! With the new fridge and freezer, our trips to the garage will become even more frequent, so keyless access couldn't have come at a better time!

That's it for this week, guys. I wish I had a bit more progress to report, but hopefully things will start cruising from here. 

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  1. those shelves and cubbies are AMAZING!

  2. Mother. of. God. this is looking good! I still can't get over the floor. Please do a followup post after its had some wear to let us know how it holds up!! I'd seriously consider this as a 2017/2018 project!

  3. Those drawers and shelves are swoon worthy for sure!!

  4. Your detached garage has so much space. I love it! This is coming together nicely. A keyless lock is definitely a great feature!

  5. do you just walk out into that garage...and just look around...because it is so damn great!? I would want to bring my morning tea to that garage and just admire the wonderfulness of it. I've got serious garage envy, which you would totally understand if I sent you a picture of my garage.

    Can't wait to see what's next!

  6. It's looking so good - and I LOVE that door hardware!

  7. Oh my heart is going pitter-patter for sure with that wall of storage! All those drawers! And shelves! Even the extra broom space on the freezer makes me smile. This is going to be such an amazing place to get things done!

  8. I am so impressed with your garage! It makes me want to avoid mine (or make it over in the spring ORC)! Amazing job so far!!!

  9. It looks amazing so far! Still swooning over your floor.

  10. You are killing it out there!! Those floors are the most beautiful things ever! Can't wait to see week 5 & 6 ;)

  11. I love this garage! I never thought I'd say that about a garage!

    And thank you for pointing out how you analyzed your storage needs - observing that you had too much stuff "in the way" to your shelves, so you needed to create floor space UNDERNEATH shelves to access them! I'm not always so great at analyzing organizing issues, so your framing is very helpful and instructive.

    I can't wait for the reveal! I love your home's style.

  12. This is amazing Angela!!! What a dream to have such an organized garage space!!!

  13. Still swooning over those floors!! The drawers and shelves are so functional! I bet you can't wait to fill those up!

  14. The flooring looks gorgeous. I love stained concrete!Looks like a dream garage.

  15. Okay, we should be besties bc this makes my heart go pitter patter! I love the storage you installed and it's the nicest garage ever! great progress, angela!

  16. Oh my goodness! My heart skipped a beat at seeing this beautiful organization. I really need to organize my garage now!!

  17. wow! now thats a garage i'd wanna hang out in! Looks great!

  18. Angela! One inch?! I so feel for you! I am loving your progress and, I think I need a keyless entry! That is awesome.

  19. I wish I hadn't shown your shelves to my husband...he is OBSESSED and he is not a man to let things go. I have a feeling that a garage makeover will be taking precedent over a much needed bathroom remodel next haha

  20. Your garage is looking amazing! I also painted my peg board blue! I love a neat, clean organized garage! Can't wait to see it finished!
    Jeannee | Shepherds and Chardonnay

  21. It looks so amazing! Just one question...can you pretty please come do my garage when you're done!! Reading your posts every week makes me realize how terrible our garage currently is! It's going to be so awesome and I can't wait to see the final reveal!

  22. I LOVE to organize things and the thought of all that organization makes me so happy!!