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You guys, this year is flying by. It still feels like summer around here, and yet the kids are busy deciding what they want to dress as for Halloween {which of course changes by the hour - today its superheroes}. I've always enjoyed Halloween because it's a holiday that allows for so much creativity and imagination, but it's even more fun now that I have young kids. 

My boys love helping me decorate for Halloween and in true little boy fashion they find joy in anything that's a little bit ooey, gooey, or gross. This year, I'm adding a few new little-boy approved touches to our Halloween decor, including these quick and easy printable apothecary labels that I'm excited to share with you!

Halloween Decoration Ideas - Halloween Party Food

For the last month, Cupcake Diaries has been hosting a group of bloggers to create the 30 Days of Halloween. This fun event has been jam packed with recipes and free printables to help you get ready for the holiday.

It's my honor today to close out the 30 Days of Halloween with my free printable Halloween apothecary labels, which you can download near the bottom of this post, followed by links to all of the other 29 Halloween projects! So, if you're not yet in the Halloween spirit, don't worry...because we're going to help you get there!

For a few years now, I've been seeing bottles and jars with spooky labels popping up as Halloween decorating trend in stores, but I hadn't been able justify buying any. I prefer to DIY as much of my holiday decor as I can because I don't like spending much money on things I only use for a short time each year. So this year, I decided to create my own!

Designing the labels was a family affair. Everyone had fun coming up with ingredients that you might find in a spooky spell book. Here's what we came up with...

Printable Apothecary Labels

I printed the labels onto glossy printable sticker paper {affiliate link} and cut them out.

With my labels ready to go, I started gathering some containers from around the house that I could add labels to. I grabbed an empty decanter from our basement bar, a wine bottle from the recycling bin, and a mason jar from my craft supply stash. Then I filled the bottles with liquids to match the labels - tomato cocktail juice for blood, V8 Healthy Greens for snake venom, and just water for the poison since clear looked best in the green glass bottle.

Printable Apothecary Labels for Halloween

I wanted to add some texture to my display, so I shopped the spice racks in my pantry and came up with a variety of shapes and colors that paired well with some of the labels - white pepper corns for Wart of Toad, poppy seeds for Graveyard Dirt, chives for Scale of Dragon, star anise for Leg of Spider, and flour for Bone Dust.

Printable Test Tube Labels for Halloween

You can buy test tube shaped containers at many craft stores {I recently saw them in the dollar bins near the registers at my local Michaels}, but I happened to have an old test tube styled spice rack that I held on to and pull out from time to time for various uses {like for this wedding shower game a couple of years ago}.

These apothecary labels would be perfect for hosting a spooky Halloween party. You could fill the bottles with the beverages you're serving, and use test tubes for garnishments for dinner or toppings for an ice cream bar.

For now, I have my bottles and test tubes displayed in our kitchen along side one of my favorite Halloween DIYs from last year - the 3D skull art that I created in a thrift store frame.

Halloween Decoration Ideas - Halloween Party Food

Are you ready to print your apothecary bottle labels? Download the file right here!

Halloween Decorations - Halloween Party Ideas

Ok, NOW are you feeling ready for Halloween?! Good, because here are 29 more fabulous ideas that I know you're going to love:

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  1. These labels are the best! I've always wanted to do apothecary bottles with my Halloween decor and I'm pretty sure these labels would be the perfect finishing touch. Thank you for participating in the series and for this great post!