{one room challenge} Week 5: Ready to Add the Glam

We're in the home stretch of the One Room Challenge now! One week from today you will no doubt find me soaking in a hot bubble bath while watching TV reruns in my gorgeous new graphic glam master bathroom, but today the scene is much less relaxing. Paint shirts, dust, art leaning against the walls, and a mountain of shopping bags. In other words, the fun stuff!

Graphic Glam Master Bathroom - One Room Challenge

The past week has not been without a little drama and a few set backs, and I'm still waiting on the UPS man for a few key deliveries, but little by little it's all coming together.

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This is where we were at when I left you last week...

The black and white Circulos tile from the Cement Tile Shop was making a statement in a big way, and West Elm mirrors that had been on back order had finally arrived. We were just waiting for the electrician to install the black and white striped Possini Euro Elfi LED Circle Pendants that Lamps Plus provided.

The lights are gorgeous, especially when lit up!

Looking at these lights online, I couldn't find any info about what kind of light bulbs they use, nor could I figure out from the photos where the bulbs would even go. Turns out that's because there are NO bulbs. There are LED arrays inside the pendants... meaning no bulbs to change ever. It's the wave of the future!

Unfortunately, we ran into a little snag when installing the center light. The electrician noticed a few loose wires when he went to do the installation, and sadly those loose wires meant that only half of the pendant lights up properly. 

Our electrician tried to rewire the pendant with no luck, but fortunately Lamps Plus has excellent customer service and has already shipped the replacement light! It should arrive just in time to get it installed before I photograph the final room reveal photos next week.

But that little snag has not stopped me from admiring the new view! Our bathroom has always had poor lighting before, but now it's bright and beautiful, and it makes me giddy!

On the other side of the bathroom, I'm still waiting on the handle for the barn door to arrive. Even without the handle, the kids are already loving having a door on the closet, because it has created a new place for them to hide {and me to seek}.

I've spent much of the last week running errands picking up everything I need to finish the space, like shelves and towel bars. Yesterday I hacked some plain IKEA shelves to give them a more glam look. 

Oh, hello gorgeous!

I can wait to get these beauties installed above the toilet in the water closet tonight!

And once those shelves are up, I can finally display the gorgeous artwork that Minted sent to me! I am so excited to have them on board as a sponsor again for the bathroom makeover after they also provided four gorgeous pieces of art for my laundry closet during the ORC last fall.

Scribbles in Blue by Yao Cheng
Black & White Abstract Spin by Lauren Webster
Blackbird Chain by Misty Hughes

Above the tub we'll be installing some gold towel bars and acrylic shelves. And man does this space need it...talk about looking BLAH right now!

They don't look like much now, but just you wait! All of my shopping has resulted in baskets full of goodies and I am anxious to start styling shelves!

In addition to installing and styling shelves, I also need to hang the giant photo mural on the other wall above the tub. I sure hope my plan makes the mural installation as quick and easy as I anticipate. Best laid plans and all that...

Lastly, I am expecting the doorbell to ring any moment with the delivery of the rug I finally chose for the middle of the bathroom. I've always wanted a large rug for the space, and for about the last year I've had a specific one in mind. I was ready to buy it, right up to the minute I decided on the graphic black and white tile, which definitely didn't go with the rug.

So I started my rug search all over. I wanted something more interesting than a solid colored rug, but I was really struggling to figure out what to pair with the graphic tile that would compliment it without competing or overwhelming the space.

It's been fun hearing your opinions on tile and lighting selections the past couple of weeks, so I'd love to know which rug you would have selected for the bathroom.


I'll show you which rug I picked as soon as it arrives, so keep an eye on Instagram and Facebook!

Thanks for stopping by for my final update before the big room reveal next week! Now be sure to head over to Calling it Home to see the updates from all of the other guest participants - nearly 200 rooms are nearing completion!


  1. Wow, I can't believe all you done in only 5 weeks!
    Your bathroom already looks stunning, I look forward to see it finished next week :)

  2. The lights are amazing! That barn door is awesome! I couldn't tell from instagram that the marble were the shelves - those are going to be beautiful. I think I like Rug B - it seems to match the tone without competing too much. Can't wait to see the full reveal next week!

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  4. This looks so amazing! I love the glam quality of this bath! Gorgeous! The light fixtures are amazing and I love the graphic quality.

    Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

  5. I would say rug A or B. About the tile and pendant, they go so well together, nicely done!

  6. Wow. Everything I see here is gorgeous! The Ikea shelf hack is pretty awesome, and I'm in love with both your bold tile and pendant lamps. As far as rugs go, I honestly like A, B, and D...but B and D are both gorgeous. Can't wait to see the reveal next week!

  7. Those lights are amazing! I love the way they look with the mirrors and tile. I like rug B the most but rug D is a close second. I can't wait to see the final reveal!

  8. Wow I love those lights!! Great job and I want your bathroom :)