{five minute friday} Indoor Flower Boxes

I'm jealous of those with green thumbs because mine are most definitely black! Even with drip lines and automatic timers that water my potted flowers outside, I can still hardly keep anything alive. So when it comes to the indoors, I love having a vase of fresh blooms on the counter, but other than that, faux is how I roll!

Indoor Flower Boxes

I wanted to add some more color to the kitchen for spring and summer, and I envisioned some bright pink blooms {fake of course}, but unlike the tall bottles of cherry blossoms lining my kitchen table, for the sideboard I needed to come up with a display that was long and low. 

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A couple of months ago, I came across some really fun wood crates at H&M Home, which, by the way, is totally my new favorite place to shop! About half of my master bathroom makeover that I revealed yesterday came from there as well.

But back to the crates...I knew they would make perfect planter boxes in my kitchen - the hard part was deciding which ones I really liked all the color and text options. You can check them all out here:

I ended up picking up two of the black crates that say "local and fresh," but I'm still thinking of going back to get another of the "olive oil" crates for my kitchen counter to hold all of the oils and vinegars that we cook with regularly.

To turn my two new crates into flower boxes, I bought a few bricks of floral foam.

One brick filled about 3/4 of a crate, then I cut a small piece of another foam brick to fill the remaining space.

I picked up dark pink hydrangea blooms from JoAnn.

Indoor flower boxes

I cut the stems down to be just a bit shorter than the height of the box and trimmed the leaves from the stems.

Indoor Flower Boxes

I placed the first stem into the foam in the center of one of the crates...

Indoor Flower Boxes

Then filled with a second and third stem on each end of the box. Three stems of hydrangeas perfectly filled each crate - making them look full, but not squished.

Indoor Flower Boxes

Finally, I lifted the blooms and added a leaves at the ends of the crates.

Indoor Flower Boxes

I tried adding additional leaves, but discovered that they just covered up the lettering, which I didn't want to do.

Indoor Flower Boxes

I love the way these quick and easy indoor flower boxes add a bright pop of color to the kitchen, and I'm happy to know that they'll look great all through the spring and summer and there is nothing my black thumb can do to kill them!

Indoor Flower Boxes

The rough, natural texture of the wood and the stenciled lettering of the H&M crates creates a nice contrast against out sleek glass sideboard and modern decor.

Indoor Flower Boxes

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