{five minute friday} A Simple & Modern Painting to Brighten Up Your Decor

Growing up, I didn't have a middle name, so I used to beg my parents to make my middle name "Artist." Angela Artist would have had a nice ring to it, don't you think? Fortunately my parents thought better of it, and instead of making it a legal name change, they got me a set of pencils with that name engraved on them. I still have those pencils, and I still love to paint and draw! 

When I was starting to decorate for my spring home tour, the sideboard at the end of the kitchen table felt like it was lacking something, but I didn't want to spend much money or time, so I grabbed out my paints and five minutes later I had a super simple, cheerful work of art!

Simple and Modern DIY Painting

Creating your own art is not only a great way to get the perfect piece to tie together your decor, it's also fun and super budget friendly! And it doesn't require any special talent or skill to create something awesome. Even the simplest painting can look gorgeous when you put it in a frame!

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Acrylic Paint in your choice of colors {my favorite is Delta Ceramcoat}
Paper {I chose a lightly textured, card stock weight scrapbook paper}
1" Foam Brushes {best value if you buy them in bulk - I got 25 for $5.50}
Frame {I chose an 11x14 floating frame}
Plastic Plate {used as a paint palate}
Painters Tape

Simple and Modern DIY Painting

I began by cutting my paper down to the size I wanted to float inside my frame, then I was ready to start painting. 

Picked three colors of paint and squeeze out a dab of each onto a plastic plate, close enough together that the overlap just a bit. I started with three shades of pink paint, and put the lightest color in the middle to create the most contrast.

Simple and modern DIY painting

Place the flat side of a foam brush into the paint, ensuring that some of each color will be on the brush. Then drag the foam brush forward to load paint onto it.

Painting with foam brushes

Then drag the foam brush across the paper to create a band of all three colors.

Painting with foam brushes

Choose three more colors, and use the same method to create another band of color on your paper.

Painting with foam brushes

I wanted my painting to tie in all of the vibrant shades of pink, blue, teal, green and yellow that I was using throughout my spring and summer decor, so I continued, adding paint to my plastic plate palate and painting bands of color on my paper.

Painting with foam brushes

Painting with foam brushes

Continue adding bands of color until your paper is full. Once I finished my painting, I laid it on the table next to some of my other seasonal decor to see how it looked. I love how the colors compliment each other, but the the crisp, modern lines are a nice contrast to the softness of the flowers.

Simple and Modern DIY Painting for Spring

To frame the painting within my floating frame, I just rolled up a small piece of painter's tape to stick the back of the painting to the back layer of glass, then placed the upper layer of glass on top.

Simple and Modern DIY Painting

This super simple, modern painting was the perfect addition to our sideboard! It adds a bright and bold touch to our spring and summer decor, and it just plain makes me smile! :)

Simple and Modern Painting for Spring and Summer

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Modern Spring decor

For those of you who like to save ideas on Pinterest, here's a pinnable image so you can find your way back here when you're feeling in the artistic mood!

Simple Modern DIY Painting for Spring Summer

You may have noticed that Five Minute Friday took a few week hiatus. Sorry about that! I was overwhelmed with the four furniture makeovers that I was working on for my Drab to Fab collaboration with Rust-Oleum and the Denver Home Show. But Five Minute Friday is back, and I've got a great line up of fun and fast projects, including many more projects perfect for spring and summer! 


  1. Love this! Such beautiful colors! Your whole dining room is gorgeous! Where did you find that adorable table runner?

    1. Thanks so much! And I'm so glad you like the table runner too...I was so excited when I found it! It's from Target (http://fave.co/1UitgjD - affiliate link). I bought the long one because my table is so long, but they have a shorter one too. It also comes as placemats, and I *think* as a tablecloth.