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When I redesigned our laundry closet, my goal was to not only make it pettier and better organized, but to also make it easier to ensure that our clothes always come out looking their best. I had seen lots of cute laundry symbols posters online, but what I really needed was a memo board to keep track of notes about special washing instructions... and I got the best of both worlds by creating my own. And now I'm giving it to you as a free printable, in your choice of colors!

Dry Erase Laundry Memo Board

Laundry is a family affair, but what happens when someone forgets to check that a stain came out before moving the clothes to the dryer, or forgets that sweater is supposed to lay flat to dry? I needed a way to not only remind myself, but also to keep the whole family in the loop in case I put a load in the washer and then later Scott transfers everything to the dryer.

For years I've admired the sleek simplicity of the KLUDD glass memo boards from IKEA, so when I started planning a way to keep track of notes in the laundry room, I knew it would the perfect option. Plus it's a great deal at only $20 for it's large 25.5" x 17.75" size!

Of course, any piece of glass can serve as a dry erase board, so I could have just as easily used a simple picture frame {like the dry erase grocery list I made for the kitchen and the dry erase love note I made for my husband}. But the KLUDD won out for this project because I thought the frameless style would look better mounted on the back of the laundry closet door.

I designed a poster {the exact same size as the KLUDD} with all the basic laundry symbols and left a large section on the right side for notes. After printing it at FedEx Office, it only took me about 5 minutes to put the whole thing together! 

I laid the poster print on top of the KLUDD to trace where I needed holes in the corners for the hardware. After using a sharp pair of scissors to cut out the holes, I used double sided tape to attach the front of the poster to the back of the glass. Then all I had to do was mount the KLUDD notice board to the back of one of the laundry closet doors.

The memo board works well with either dry erase markers or chalk markers {affiliate links}. Dry erase markers are convenient because they wipe away with a Kleenex or paper towel, where as a chalk marker requires water to wipe away. 

I am using mine with chalk marker so that it won't rub of on clean clothes that I hang in front of the board as I take clothes out of the dryer, but dry erase markers are probably an easier option if the board won't have anything else touching it.

Are you ready to create your own laundry room memo board? Good news! I'm giving you the poster I created for free {for personal use only, of course}! You can download it in your choice of seven colors! If you don't see the color you want, leave me a message and I'll consider adding more color options.

Free Laundry Symbols Poster Print

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