{style inspiration} Home Style Blog Hop Kicks Off Today

Have you ever tried to describe your home decor style in just three words?! It's challenging, but it's a fun exercise that really gets you thinking about the things you choose to surround yourself with and what you love about the items in your home! 

This week, I'm joining a group of twenty super fun and talented bloggers to talk about how we each define our own unique home styles! I'll be sharing my home style tomorrow, but there are seven stylish ladies kicking off the event this morning, and I know you'll want to check them all out!

What's fun about the group that has come together for this blog hop is how different we all are! No two define their style in the same way. From "Cozy-Global-Eclectic" to "Costal-Classic-Elegance" to "Vintage-Eclectic-Edge" - there's something for everyone, and you might just find a new style that speaks to you, or some inspiration for your incorporating a favorite style into your home! 

The easiest way to follow this blog hop is to start at the home of Casa Watkins, and then work your way through from one blog to the next. Of course, be sure to come back tomorrow to see how I've defined my home style {hopefully I'll stop changing my mind about my three words by then} and to check out another group of talented ladies who will be inviting you into their homes! 

Tuesday Sept. 29

Wednesday Sept. 30

Thursday Oct. 1

Let's get social!   
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