{five minute friday} A Pretty & Easy Way to Hang Wreaths on Front Doors

Fall is just around the corner, and I'm excited to start swapping out some of my summer colors for fall decor in the next week or two. Last year, I found some gorgeous peacock feather wreaths and I can't wait to hang them on our front doors again this year!

Our front doors are quite tall and have frosted glass panels, and as a result, a lot of standard wreath hanging methods don't work well for us. I don't want to put any nail holes in the front of the doors, and those over door metal wreath hangers look silly because wreathes end up positioned unnaturally high on our tall doors. But a couple of years ago my mom showed me a really smart wreath hanging method that works perfectly for most doors and is damage free!

Hang Wreaths on Front Doors

Don't those wreaths look pretty hanging from the wide ribbons?! But how are the ribbons attached? I'm glad you asked.

Many wreathes will have a hook or loop on the back that you can tie the ribbon to, but my peacock feather wreaths did not, so I simply pressed thumbtacks into the styrofoam back of the wreaths to hold the ribbons securely in place.

Hang Wreaths on Front Doors

Then we used additional thumbtacks to attach the ribbon to the top edge of the front doors.

Hang Wreaths on Front Doors

This is an ideal solution, because the tiny hole you are creating is in the top of the door where no one will ever be able to see it! Pretty tricky right?!

Many thumbtacks have rounded heads, but for the purpose of hanging a wreath from the top edge of a door, you must find thumbtacks that are totally flat on top.  We found ours at Home Depot {affiliate link}. If the thumbtack does not have a flat head, or if the flat head is too think, the tack will hit the door frame and stop the door from closing.

Depending on the thickness of the ribbon you are using,  you may want to fold the top of the ribbon and hammer the tack through two layers of ribbon. With thinner ribbon, this will prevent the ribbon from tearing. The orange ribbon I used for our fall wreaths was thick enough that folding the ribbon was not necessary.

Hang Wreaths on Front Doors

This is best accomplished as a two person job - especially if you have double front doors. One person can be up on the ladder ready to hammer the tack into the top of the door, and the other person can be standing on the front porch ensuring that the wreaths are centered and positioned at the right height. This can be hard for the person on the ladder to judge.

Hang Wreaths on Front Doors

Not only is this an easy, damage free way to hang a wreaths the front doors, I also love the way the ribbon looks! 

Hang Wreaths on Front Doors

The ribbon allows you an opportunity to add another color to your front door display. The contrast of the teal feathers against the orange ribbon gives a hint at the fall color scheme inside the house.

Hang Wreaths on Front Doors

And speaking of the fall decor inside...

Hang Wreaths on Front Doors

If you'd like to see how I decorate for fall, you can see my full Fall Home Tour from last year right here!

Modern Fall Home Tour

In the next week or so I'll start adding our fall decor throughout the house again, and I'll probably have a few new fall-inspired projects to share as well!

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