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Denim organizers for boys' accessories

All week long I am participating in Boy Mom Madness, a fun blogging event featuring 15 boy moms blogging about all things boy, with a new theme each day, leading up to a big link party and giveaway on Friday. Yesterday was all about boys' bedrooms {and I shared my tips for designing a boy's room that will grow with him}, and today we are talking about organizing for boys.

Boy Mom Madness

Little boys are loud, crazy, and fun, and they have a lot of toys that require storage and organization. But my two little men {Beckett - 3 and Cooper - 22 months} also seem to be real little gentlemen at heart - so polite, charming, and compassionate. And as little men, they also have all sorts of adorable little accessories - from hats to ties, and from belts and suspenders, and watches to sunglasses. 

When we designed Beckett's "big boy" room, we added an installation of 24 metal airplane hooks on the wall above his bed. The hooks serve both art and function, as we use about half of them to display Beckett's collection of hats. But, until now, all of his other gentlemanly accessories have just been tossed in a shallow drawer in his closet.

A few weeks ago, while shopping at Michaels, I came across an entire display of Make Market branded denim craft supplies. The part of me that entered college in the late '90's and had a denim comforter in my dorm room isn't sure how to feel about denim making a big come back in the home decor world - but as a boy mom, I am excited for all the fun craft possibilities. 

As I browsed the denim products, the first thing that caught my eye was a denim pocket garland. I started brainstorming ways that I could use the pockets to create storage for small accessories in Beckett's closet. I ended up coming with two different DIY storage solutions for all of Beckett's accessories - one using the denim pockets, and the other using denim ribbon and a leather belt.


18x24 stretched canvas {I used stretched linen; Michaels also has stretched denim}
Denim Garland(s) {each garland has 8 pockets} OR back pockets cut from old jeans
Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive
Command Picture Hanging Strips {the velcro-type strips}

Denim pocket organizer supplies

Out of the packaging, the denim pocket garland looks like this... with a cute striped ribbon that holds them all together.

Denim pockets for DIY organization

I laid them out on my linen canvas, and decided I would like the look better if the pockets were not attached to one another.

Denim pockets for DIY Organizer

I cut between each pocket, and then trimmed off the excess ribbon.

DIY denim pocket organizer

After cutting the garland apart, I laid out nine denim pockets in three rows, and used Fabri-Tac to glue each pocket to the linen canvas. I applied a solid line of glue around the back edge of each pocket, then "scribbled" the glue back and forth across the center for added adhesion.

DIY denim pocket organizer

The Fabri-Tac dries quite quickly, so you have to work pretty fast. Press down around the edges of each pocket while the glue is still tacky to help smooth out any wrinkles and ensure that it sticks well.

DIY Denim Pocket Organizer

Once all nine pockets were glued to the canvas {about 10 minutes}, I was ready to hang the denim pocket organizer on the inside of Beckett's closet door, using Command {Velcro-like} picture hanging strips.

Command velcro strips for hanging canvas

Here's what it looks like on the door before I filled up the pockets...

DIY Denim Pocket Organizer from Michaels Denim Pocket Garland

I'll show you pictures of the pockets all filled up at the end of this post, but first, the tutorial my second organizer.


18x24 stretched canvas {I used stretched linen; Michaels also has stretched denim}
Roll of wide denim ribbon {from Michaels}
Denim clothes pins {1 package, from Michaels}
Command clear backed small hooks
Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive
Command Picture Hanging Strips {the velcro-type strips for hanging the canvas on the door}

DIY denim and belt organizer for boy's accessories

We used quite a few belts in the decor of Beckett's room {for hanging shelves, drawer pulls on his dresser, wrapped around his lamp shade, and to create a stylish basket label for his library book basket. I had a couple of belts left-over, so I decided to incorporate one into this second DIY organizer.

I begin by gluing two rows of denim ribbon across the canvas about an inch from the top, again, using Fabri-Tac.

Denim ribbon

Denim Ribbon on Linen Canvas

I wrapped the denim ribbon around the edges of the canvas, and then trimmed off the excess in the back.

Gluing denim ribbon

Next, I buckled the belt, and then cut it just past the end of point where the belt overlaps itself.

DIY organizer for boys using leather belt

I wanted to put some kind of books through the belt holes, and after looking at a lot of options, I discovered some Command brand hooks with clear backs that worked perfectly. 

DIY organizer for boys using leather belt

The beauty of these hooks is that they are hinged, making it easy to fit a hook through each belt hole.

Hooks through Leather Belt for Organization

Hooks through belt holes for organization

I placed hooks through all four belt loops, then added the clear adhesive strips to the back of each and positioned them on top of the denim ribbon. I used Fabri-Tac to glue the back of the belt to the denim ribbon, and then trimmed of the excess belt.

Gluing leather belt to denim ribbon

Leather belt and denim DIY Organizer

I specifically chose to position the belt so that the hooks would all be on the right half of the canvas. This left open space on the left side of the canvas for more storage. I thought about simply adding a few more denim pockets down the side of the canvas, but instead, I ended up purchasing a package of small, denim covered clothes pins and I glued six of them to the left side of the canvas.

Denim clothes pins

Like with the denim pocket organizer, I again used Command picture hanging strips to affix the linen canvas to the inside of Beckett's closet door. Here's what it looked like empty.

Back of door organizer for boys' accessories

I placed the pocket organizer low on the closet door where Beckett can reach it himself, and the belted organizer is on the upper half of the door where only mom and dad can reach {for now}.

Back of door organizers for boys' accessories

The denim pockets of the lower organizer will be able to store all sorts of small accessories over time, but right now, the pockets are filled with his sunglasses, watches, and and bow ties. I also tucked a couple of clip on ties in to the pockets, as well as an extra pair of shoe laces for Chucks.

Denim Pocket organizer for boys accessories
Denim Pocket organization for boys closet

Denim pocket organization for boys' sunglasses

I love the look and the function of all those denim pockets, but I think the books through the leather belt holes might be my favorite aspect of these two DIY organizers. I hung from the hooks Beckett's belt, his suspenders, a tie, and the bow tie he wore as the ring bearer in his Uncle's wedding.

Back of door organization for boys room

Back of door organization for boys belts and ties

Beckett loves greeting cards {he calls them "little books," and he's insisted on keeping our family Christmas card and his birthday cards on his dresser since December. The denim covered clothes pins now provide the perfect spot to display these cards!

Denim clothes pin bulletin board for boy's room

I just love how these two back of door organizers provide a place to store all of Beckett's small, gentlemanly accessories and create storage in a spot that was previously unused. I also LOVE the way the linen canvases, denim pockets, and the leather belt tie in perfectly with the menswear inspired design of his bedroom.

DIY menswear inspired organization for boy's room

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Keep coming back each day this week as Boy Mom Madness continues! Special thanks to Heather of Southern State of Mind for coordinating this fun event!

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  1. You are one creative boy mama!! I LOVE these! Functional and adorable!

    ~Abby =)

    1. Thanks!! That's a big compliment coming from you, creative boy mama!

  2. These are REALLY neat ideas! I love, love the pocket organizers!

    1. Ah, thanks, Kristi! I really love them to, and more importantly, so does my little man!

  3. What a nice idea - to use the boys' worn out jeans to decorate their room!

    Crafty Journal