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Ok, so you've seen that graphic making the rounds on Facebook that shows how women shop versus how men shop, right? Men go in the door, get the one thing they came for, and then leave. Women on the other hand go up and down every aisle {two, or three, or four times}. Yeah, that's definitely me in a craft store! I need to be able to browse, see all of my options, and consider what items might work well together to create the perfect project. I put things in my cart and take them back out, criss-crossing the store over and over.

Or at least that's how I used to shop for craft supplies. Then I had kids. Have you ever tried taking two toddler boys to a craft store? If not, then just take my word for it... it's a challenge, and I almost always leave frustrated at not having been able to find what I was looking for within the short window of my boys' patience. Fortunately, I recently discovered a crafty mom sanity saver in the form of ConsumerCrafts.com! And the timing couldn't be better since I have lots of Christmas crafting planned!

When ConsumerCrafts.com reached out to me and offered to sponsor a Christmas craft post featuring a DIY gift idea, I was immediately excited! {sponsored post disclosure} Then I started browsing their website, and my excitment grew exponentially! Not only is the selection amazing, but the prices are extremely affordable! 

The website offers lots of ways to shop. You can browse by product category, by season, or you can use the search function to find exactly what you are looking for. And under the Sale tab, you'll find a large selection of clearance items neatly organized by category as well. This girl loves a clearance section - so you know I'll be checking back there often! And did I mention you get free shipping on all orders over $75?!

Best of all, they have a fabulous feature that allows you to save products to your "Favorites" list! For me, shopping online usually looks a little something like this... put the kids down for a nap; open laptop and begin shopping; two year old yells that he needs to go potty; walk away from the computer to assist with potty; return five minutes later to continue shopping; one year old cries because he dropped his stuffed elephant on the floor; rescue elephant and return him to his rightful place in the crib; sit back down at the computer and try to remember what I was looking for in the first place. But thank the the Favorites list on ConsumerCrafts.com, with just one click I was able to save items as I was browsing - so no matter how many times I walked away from the computer, I never lost track of the products I was interested in.

Rather than walking back and forth across a store twenty times taking things in and out of my shopping cart, searching for items, and driving home only to realize I forgot the one item I went in for, I instead took my time and shopped the ConsumerCrafts website over the course of a couple of days before making my final purchase. I was able to look at all the options while getting inspiration, brainstorm exactly what I wanted to make, and then sorting through my list of favorited items to make my final selections.

When I was ready, I was able to quickly move the items I wanted to buy for my Christmas gift craft to my cart, while still saving all the other items on my Favorites list for potential future projects. There's a convenient little shopping cart calculator in the top corner of the screen at all times that shows you the running total of all the items in your cart, and it let's you know how close you are to qualifying for free shipping - perfect for keeping me on budget!

If you are like me and need time to get your creative juices flowing before you can decide exactly what products you need - ConsumerCrafts.com is going to be your new best friend! And if you need some inspiration to get you started, they even have a fabulous Holiday Flip Catalog that even includes many project ideas complete with tutorials and links to all of the needed products! You'll also find a 30% off coupon code at the end! 

Not only is ConsumerCrafts.com a perfect fit for my need to shop like a woman {seeing all of my options before I commit}, it's also perfect for those times when I want to shop like a man {grab what I need and out the door}. Just yesterday, I thought of one more item I needed for an upcoming project. Rather than having to bundle up the kids, pack them into the car, and drive on icy roads, just to unpack the kids and drag them through a store, I was able to simply hop online while they ate lunch. Before they could even ask for refills on their milk, I had my order placed and on its way to my front door.

I tend to be a procrastinator when it comes to making gifts, so I am very thankful to ConsumerCrafts for motivating me to get an early start, sponsoring this post, and taking the headaches out of craft shopping for this busy mom!

Be sure to stop back in a couple of weeks to see the products I purchased and the fun gifts I am making for all of our neighbors! And in the meantime, be sure to grab the 30% off code from the Holiday Flip Catalog so you can get started on your Christmas crafts as well!

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