{seasonal style} No Carve Pumpkin People

I'm so excited to introduce you to the pumpkin people representation of my cute little family:

Pumpkin People - Pumpkin Family

Last weekend we took our boys to the Rock Creek Farm Pumpkin Patch.  The weather was gorgeous, we were able to get some super cute photos of Beckett and Cooper.

And we even managed to get a few family photos.

We came home from the pumpkin patch with four pumpkins - one sized according to each member of our family. Since the boys are obviously too young for pumpkin carving, I had a fun plan in mind - turning our pumpkins into a Pumpkin Family!

No carve pumpkin family

There's the daddy pumpkin with his mustache and fedora...

No carve pumpkin family

The mommy pumpkin with her blonde hair and long eyelashes (I only wish my eyelashes were that long!)...

No carve pumpkin family

The pumpkin interpretation of Beckett has cute front teeth and a sideways hat...

No carve pumpkin family

And the baby pumpkin has a pacifier, and cute white-blonde hair just like Cooper's.

No carve pumpkin family

So there you have it!  My cute little family in pumpkin form.

No carve pumpkin family

I simply used a Sharpie to draw all the facial features, and a little bit of white acrylic paint for Beckett's front teeth. I cut the rubber nipple off of the pacifier, and held the plastic pacifier base in place with a couple of straight pins.

The most fun part was creating the hair.  I picked up a small piece of off white fur from the fabric store and cut out a jagged shape to create a little pumpkin toupĂ©e for the baby pumpkin.  For the mommy pumpkin, I used a piece of yellow felt as scalp, cut small slits along the part-line, and tied long strands of yarn through the slits, allowing half the yarn to fall to one side, and the other half the yarn to fall to the other.  I can honestly say I never thought I'd make a wig for a pumpkin - but it was a fun challenge and I think it turned out pretty well!

No carve pumpkin family

I'll be sad when Halloween is over and I have to say goodbye to our pumpkin family!

No carve pumpkin family

Happy day before Halloween everyone!  Now I'm off to finish a few last minute details for our Halloween costumes...

No carve pumpkin people

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