One Room Challenge

You'll hear a lot of talk about the One Room Challenge™ {ORC} around here, so let me take a moment to tell you what it's all about.

The ORC is an awesome, twice annual blogging event hosted by Linda, from Calling it Home. Each spring and fall, a large group of design bloggers come together to each completely makeover one room in a short five weeks. Throughout the five weeks, each participant posts a weekly progress update that providing insights into the design process. Typically, in the first week the posts include before photos of the space and rough design plans. Then, in subsequent weeks, each participant shares progress photos and talks about the week's accomplishments and challenges. At the conclusion of the ORC, each participant posts a reveal of the completed space with lots of beautiful photos, as well as a source list for the space.

Each ORC round, there are twenty amazingly talented designers who headline the event, posting their updates every Wednesday. Participation in the ORC is also open to other design bloggers, referred to as Guest Participants, who post their progress updates each Thursday. The ORC gets bigger and more exciting every round, often with 150-200 participants! All of the participating bloggers share the links to their weekly progress posts at Calling it Home, allowing us to follow along with one another, cheering each other on and drawing inspiration, and giving readers access all of the ORC progress updates and final reveals in one convenient place! Here's the link to all of the Fall 2017 Reveals!

Also, to dispel some common confusion, there is no "winner" to the challenge, as the name might imply. Rather, the ORC is about starting and FINISHING an entire space in a limited amount of time, but also doing it WELL! For me personally, the ORC is also about challenging myself to take on unique projects, make bold choices, and inspire readers to be creative in their own homes.

Below are all of my past One Room Challenge™ projects!

SPRING 2017: Shared Boys' Bedroom

FALL 2016: Garage Makeover

SPRING 2016: Graphic Glam Master Bathroom

FALL 2015: Light & Bright Laundry & Linen Closet Makeover

SPRING 2015: 
An Under Stair Playroom That Rocks

FALL 2014: Modern Metro Master Bedroom

SPRING 2014: Vintage Preppy Little Man's Lounge

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