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Hi, my name is Angela, and I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by my little blog, or, as it is otherwise known, my happy place!  If you've found your way to this page, then you are probably looking to learn more about me and my family. If you're, instead, looking to learn more about this blog, then let me redirect you here.

I married my best friend - Scott - eleven years ago, we have to two of the most adorable little boys on Earth {Beckett who is 6.5, and Cooper who is 5}, and the newest addition to our family is a Schnoodle puppy, named Gatsby! We live in Denver, Colorado, and love city life, but also escape to our favorite mountain town of Breckenrdige as often as we can.

I am very fortunate that Scott is a good sport and extremely supportive - always helping with my projects, and often making brilliant suggestions to improve them! 

I don't blog specifically about motherhood, but I do feel strongly that your home should be a reflection of your family, and that it is totally possible to have an organized and stylish home, even with young kids. My sons are the motivation behind a lot of the decor and organizing projects around our home. 

I know you all love cute kid and puppy pictures, right?! I mean who doesn't? Here are few of our recent favorites...

After eight years of practicing law, and following the birth of my second son, I made the decision to stay home with my boys for a few years. While my kiddos keep me more than busy, in my spare moments, my passions are all things artistic, and my house is my palette. It's a constant work in progress – decorating, organizing, DIYing, and generally making things pretty – but at the same time keeping it a fun and safe place for two very active little boys! 

We've been in our home for ten years now, but the to do list seems to continue getting longer instead of shorter. My mind never stops going, so the projects never end. I enjoy doing a bit of everything - interior design, graphic design, photography, painting, crafting, organizing, organizing, and reorganizing. And for the past five years, this blog has been my place to chronicle all of our progress.

There are three questions I get asked most frequently, so let me address both of those here: 

"If you love art and design so much, how did you end up in the law school?"
The short answer is that I've always been analytical {and my dad might say argumentative} and I enjoy research and writing, so law school was a good fit for me. But I also got my mom's creative streak, and I might well have taken a different path if interior design had occurred to me sooner as a career option. {The longer answer can be found in my
very first blog post.} 

"Is there anything you don't like to do?"
My answer is always the same - sleep! And that's the truth. The projects you'll find here on the blog often happen in the wee hours of the morning after everyone else is sound asleep. 

"Can you come help me at my house?"
Yes! I'd love to work with you, and I offer a wide range of decorating and organizing services to clients in Denver and far beyond. You can read about the services I offer and see examples of some of my past client work here.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, and I look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to leave your comments or questions, or send me an email.

Still want to know more? I tend to keep my blog posts focused on decorating, organizing and DIYing, but everyone once in a while I do get a bit more personal. Here are a few of those posts:

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  1. Hi Anjela, nice to meet a fellow Denver DIY enthusiast. I live in Aurora and bought a new home recently. So currently in the process of doing lots of organization and DIY. Hope you can follow me.