Cricut Gift Guide for Those Who Love Home Decor & Organization

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People often ask me about my favorite DIY supplies and tools, and hands down, my go to for all of my decorating and organizing projects is my Cricut electronic cutting machine. Whether you're shopping for a friend or relative, or thinking of treating yourself this holiday season, giving the gift of Cricut is always a good idea!

I use my Cricut to customize my decor, to label my organized spaces, and to create holiday decor and crafts. Basically, it can do ANYTHING! Ok, maybe not anything... but darn close!

Using Cricut for home decor

I get asked a lot, by friends and readers alike, what they need to get started with a Cricut. There are so many cool tools and accessories now, but the reality is that for most decor and organizing projects - certainly for all those ones you'll find on my blog - you can get started with just a few basics. A Cricut machine (I use the Explore Air 2, not the highest end Maker model), a basic set of tools, and simple materials are all you need to get started - making it both affordable and not to intimidating.

The following list includes my 8 MUST HAVE Cricut items, as well as to NICE TO HAVE items that make great gifts for someone who already has the Cricut basics. Then, at the bottom of this post, you'll find links to some of my favorite decorating and organizing projects made with my Cricut, as well as detailed tutorials to help you get started!

Cricut Gift Guide for Those Who Love Decor and Organization


(1) Cricut Explore Air 2 - Start with the machine! The Cricut Explore Air 2 gives you all the capabilities you need for you home decor and organizing projects. If you also want to use your machine for some serious crafting or sewing projects, consider upgrading to the Cricut Maker, which provides even more sophisticated options, like a rotary wheel for cutting fabric and an engraving tip.

(2) Basic Tool Set - These tool set gives you everything you need to get started with your Cricut decorating and organizing projects. For my decorating and organizing projects, the 

(3) Cricut Mats - For decorating and organizing projects, you'll want these long cutting mats. This 3-pack gives you each of the mats you need to cut a wide variety of materials, for delicate to heavier, specialty materials.

(4) Deep Cut Blade - The standard blade that comes with your machine will be great for lots of products, but you'll also want to have a deep cut blade on hand for cutting materials like thick cardstock, magnets, and chipboard.

(5) Set of 30 Cricut Pens - I love cutting labels for my organizing projects, but once I got this pen set, the world or organizing possibilities got so much bigger. Use these pens to write and draw the prettiest labels in every color.

(6) Rolls of Adhesive Vinyl - There are so many materials you can cut with a Cricut, but for my decor and organizing projects, I find myself using adhesive vinyl 9 times out of 10. You can choose from a huge variety of colors and patterns, and can select removable vinyl (best for most decor and labeling projects), or permanent vinyl. I would recommend starting with a sample pack that gives you a variety of colors to use as you get started.

(7) Cricut Transfer Tape - When using adhesive vinyl for decorating and organizing project, you'll also need at least a few rolls of transfer tape to get you started. This 

(8) Cricut Access - Within Cricut Design Space, you'll have access to the fonts already on your computer, and you'll be able to upload your own designs, but if you want to do even more - or if you aren't as comfortably with design software - Cricut Access gives you instant and unlimited access to over 100,000 images, 4,000 projects, and 400 fonts. There are three subscription packages to chose from, so you can pick the one that best fits your needs, but the annual subscription is the best deal.

Of course, if you love to organize, then you'll probably also want the best products to store and organize your Cricut machine and supplies. Unlike the items above, these are not MUST HAVE items, but they are very nice to have. If you're looking for a nice gift for someone who already has a Cricut machine and the basic tools, these tote bags would make a wonderful surprise for any Cricut user!

(9) Cricut Machine Tote - When you machine is tucked away in this carry tote, there's no chance of it getting damaged! It's padded on all sides, and there's a handy cut out in the bottom padding perfect for tucking away all of your cords and cables.

(10) Rolling Craft Tote for Cricut Supplies & Accessories - This rolling craft tote is an organizer's dream, with room for all of your Cricut tools, rolls of vinyl, and so much more. The only thing listed above that won't fit in this tote are the long, 24" mats. I store my mats separately in my craft closet, but if you plan to take your Cricut with you for crafting project on the go, you'll probably want to also have a set of 12x12 mats that will fit in this craft tote.

Cricut Gift Guide for home decor and organizing




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