Rooftop Retreat: Week 3 {One Room Challenge}

It's the half way point of the One Room Challenge and it's about time I start making some real progress on our rooftop deck! Fortunately last week's blizzard conditions have passed and the 10-day forecast shows mostly sunny, moderate temperature days.

Let me catch you up quickly on what we are up to! Our home is built on three levels with a rooftop deck off of our master bedroom. We had grand visions of relaxing evenings on this deck back when we bought our house more than a decade ago, but life and two kids later, it had become an abandoned space that we never used. Our backyard is great for entertaining and play, be we've finally decide to reclaim the deck and turn it into an outdoor family room and movie theater for our whole family to enjoy!

Here are the plans that I shared last week...

Aside from the couch and chairs, I bought almost everything for this space a couple of years ago on an end of season clearance sale, and it's been sitting in our storage unit ever since. This week, I went to take inventory of everything I had in storage, which included a few exciting treasures I had forgotten about, like that white, geometric planter!

Then I loaded it all up in the car and brought it home. For now, I'm just relocating it from the storage unit to being store in the garage, but at least I know what I have and it will be close at hand when I'm ready for it! 

We also purchased all of the furniture!! Yay! We'll start assembling the couch in the next day or two. Once that's done, I'll actually be able to start pulling the space together a bit, which I'm really looking forward to.

It's not much, but that's all I got done this week. But since I spent four of the past seven days at SNAP Conference in SLC, I'll take any progress I can get! And I definitely came home motivated and inspired by all the other talented bloggers who I got to hang out with all weekend!

While at SNAP, I taught a class about how to organize your blogging business with my friend Melissa, from Polished Habitat. If you're a blogger and you want to know more, you can grab the details at Organize My Blog, and you can even get the SNAP discount (50% off of our eBook) through the end of the weekend. #shamelessplug

Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter {if that's your thing}. I'll have more concrete progress to share next week!

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