Rooftop Retreat: Week 2 {One Room Challenge}

Last week I showed you our rooftop deck. The one that's basically been abandoned for the better part of a decade. And this week, I'm excited to show you what I have planned to turn this space into a rooftop retreat that our whole family can enjoy!

About a decade ago, we bought a couple of lounge chairs for the deck... but other than posing for this photo, we never really used them. It turns out, we're not really lounge chair people. And especially now that we have kids, we need a more comfortable space for the whole family to enjoy - with seating for more than two.

I knew that choosing an outdoor space for the spring One Room Challenge was a risky move, since, in Denver, it's not uncommon for us to get snow all the way up to early May. And sure enough it's snowing today! Fortunately, we don't have anywhere near the amount of snow that you see in this old photo {despite all flights out of the Denver airport being cancelled today}, but we are expecting cold weather with the chance of more snow all the way through the weekend.

I'm scheduled to be at SNAP Conference for the rest of the week {assuming I can get a rescheduled flight out tomorrow}, so I wasn't going to have time to work on the deck this weekend anyway. Hopefully by early next week, the weather will be a lot more spring-like!

In the meantime, however, I've put together the design plans for the deck. We plan to replace the two lonely lounge chairs with a comfy outdoor turn couch. I also want to add a couple of accent chairs for additional seating. Previously, we also had a small patio dining table in the corner of the deck, but realistically we are never going to carry food up two flights of stairs and through our bedroom, so we're eliminating the dining table from the new layout.

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A couple of summers ago, I bought a piece of large canvas art, an outdoor rug, a few coordinating pillows, and two bright green metal drum stools at World Market during an end of season clearance sale. They've been sitting in storage ever since, just waiting to become the center piece of my dream rooftop retreat.

I've been doing a lot of shopping to find outdoor furniture I love at a price I'm willing to pay, and I think I've found the winners! The outdoor turn couch is from AtHome, and the gray strap outdoor chairs are on a great sale. I really like the way the wood frames of the chairs tie in with the built in side-tables on each end of the couch! 

I'm also planning to add some outdoor curtains to help break up the big white stucco wall. By day, the curtains will frame out the large piece of art, and by night, they'll help us transform the rooftop deck in to our very own outdoor movie theater! The kids don't know about this part of the plan yet, and I can't wait to see their reaction! I'll share more details about the movie theater plans in next week's ORC update!


  1. Oh! An outdoor theater! Fantastic! I was thinking of your project today as the snow began to fly. But this will be short-lived, I am sure.

  2. Oh my goodness! Snow in April! I think it's smart to nix the dining table - I wouldn't want to carry food that far either!

  3. Ohh I can tell you from experience, that a theater of any kind will be thoroughly enjoyed! We did one in our basement during the Fall '18 ORC and we love it so much, we keep talking about how we can do an outdoor one for the summer! Can't wait to see what you come up with! We just had snow last week in upstate NY so I can 100% appreciate the fact that you guys have snow still!