Front Porch Halloween Decorations

The boys are four and five now, and if I could freeze time, I would. These are such fun ages, and I love how excited they get about everything - especially each holiday! For weeks, they've been begging me to decorate for Halloween. We always have quite a bit of holiday decor inside, but this year they also requested front porch Halloween decorations as well. 

Last year, I decorated the porch with some fun Dia de Los Muertos finds, but the boys really wanted a traditional Halloween porch decorations this time around. I'm quickly running out of storage space for our ever-growing collection of holiday decor, so I decided to see what I could come up with using stuff we already had in the house.

After some tweaking and rearranging, I'm going to call this a mom-win, because I love how our Halloween front porch turned out, and more importantly, so do the boys! 

Let me show you how we'll be welcoming all the ghosts and goblins this Halloween...

Front Porch Halloween Decorations

For years, I struggled with how to decorate our front porch for the holidays, because it's two stories tall, but no wider than our front doors. This configuration left me stumped because thins like pumpkins just look dwarfed by the height of the porch. I've always loved porches with decor flanking either side of the front door, but our narrow porch and double doors don’t allow for that.

Halloween Porch Decorations

Last year, we trying to overcome this dilemma for decorating the porch for Thanksgiving, I found a three-tiered plant stand that allowed me to add height and layers to the porch in front of our stationary door, without making the porch feel over-crowded. I decided to try out the plant stand again this Halloween, and it worked perfectly!

Modern Halloween Decorations

How adorable are those peek-a-boo color pumpkins?! I made them a few years ago by carving faux pumpkins from the craft store and painting the inside of each in a different color {tutorial here}... but until now I've never found a good way to display them. In the past, I've lined them up on my entry table, but sitting in one long line they just never quite made the statement I was hoping for.

Modern Faux Pumpkins

To give the porch a cozy fall feel, I tossed a piece of plaid fabric over the shelves. It's an unexpected touch, but I love teal for every season, and it nicely compliments my teal pumpkin, as well as my labeled mailbox and milk box on the porch.

Halloween Front Porch Ideas

The five peek-a-boo pumpkins weren't quite enough to fill the shelves, so I also added a few other faux pumpkins from my collection. I love that the black ones help to break up the white, and a couple of smaller ones tie in with other colors in the display.

All of these faux pumpkins have the added bonus of lasting all season without rotting or attracting critters, plus I can use them again year after year.

DIY Halloween Decorations

After adding all of the pumpkins, I felt like I still needed one more element to add a little variety and height. I found a white lantern in the garage, and dug through my prop closet looking for something to fill it with. I was thinking some black and white flowers from last year's Dia de los Muertos decor, but Beckett came up with a better idea - some bats on floral wire that I had picked up on clearance. 

Halloween Decoration Ideas

We put one set of bats inside the lantern, and the other set coming out the top. I love when the kids come up with the best solutions!

Halloween Bats In Lantern

Last but not least, the peacock feather wreaths on the doors look great with the black and teal tones! These are my favorite fall wreaths of all time, and you might recognize them from my front door makeover post around this time last year. {Here's my tip for hanging wreaths without damaging your door}.

In the late afternoons, as the sun starts to set, our metal railing creates the coolest zig zagging shadows on our front steps. I love how they add to overall Halloween look!

Halloween Porch

You might notice that there is a bit of a purple glow coming from the porch light... that's one more fun detail that I'll talk more about soon! The boys are having fun changing the color from purple, to green, to red, trying to decide which looks the spookiest in the dark!

Halloween Porch Decorating Ideas

Luckily I got these photos taken just before the snow arrived this morning. Thank goodness for our covered porch that's keeping my cute pumpkins dry!

Looking for more fun Halloween projects, or maybe fall decor is more your thing? Check out lots of ideas on my seasonal decor page.

Front Porch Halloween Decorations

Here are some other examples of how we've decorated the porch for the seasons:

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  1. Looks adorable! I love the different colors in the pumpkins and your front porch!