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My love for inexpensive jewelry knows no bounds! If it's colorful, or sparkly, or chunky, I can't pass it up. And jewelry is always my favorite souvenir from my travels. I love that every time I wear the necklace Scott bought on our honeymoon in Greece, the ring I bought at a Christmas market in Madrid, or the elephant bracelet I got on our safari in South Africa, they are tangible reminders that keep the memories of those adventures alive.

But I've learned that jewelry, like many other things in life, can become out of sight, out of mind. Which is why I like to keep my jewelry organized and on display so that it's easy for me to find just the right piece to wear each day. Plus, even if I am just in t-shirt and jeans, putting on a pretty necklace or pair of earring can improve how I feel when I start my day. 

I have all of my jewelry organized in a small corner of my closet, but what I love about the solutions I've come up with is that they are pretty enough that they could easily be on display in a bedroom or bathroom if you're short on closet space. This post contains some affiliate links. 

Hanging Necklace Organization

NECKLACES. Hanging necklaces is best way to prevent them from getting tangled up. To make it easy to find what I'm looking for, or to find the perfect necklace when I don't know what I'm looking for, I prefer to keep my necklaces organized by color.

I installed four white key racks, each with four small hooks. I hung them in two rows, spaced far enough apart that the necklaces on the top row don't overlap with those below. Each key rack goes up with just two screws, so they are quick and easy to install.

On the top row I hang all of my bright necklaces, generally grouped together by color - reds and pins, greens, teals, blues, etc. {Is anyone surprised that I have more blue necklaces than anything else?} I use the bottom row for all of my silver and gold necklaces, and other neutral tones.

Hanging Necklace Organization]

I can fit quite a few necklaces on each small hook. If I want to wear one that is hanging toward the back, I simple put my finger right below the hook and lift off the whole bunch together. Then I can take the necklace I want from the back of the group and rehang the rest together without getting them tangled up.

BRACELETS. I didn't used to wear a lot of bracelets, but over time I've created quite a collection. I started with just one acrylic bracelet stand, but have now expanded to three.

Bracelet Organization

I love these bracelet holders because they are low profile and because the clear acrylic doesn't compete with my jewelry, making it easy for me to see what I have.

RINGS. I came across this tall hand jewelry display a while back and couldn't pass it up. I knew that those long thin fingers would be perfect for displaying all of my rings, but it turns out that the arm is also perfect for all of my open cuff bracelets.

Hand Jewelry Display Rings

EARRINGS. For organizing earrings, these clear acrylic stacking trays are my very favorite! They come in multiple configurations, and some have adjustable, removable dividers. I have five to ten pair of earrings in each small divided section, but by grouping them together by color, it's easy to quickly find what I'm looking for. And I use the larger divided section in the back left corner of the tray for a few more bracelets.  

Earring organization

For all of my closed hoop earrings, and those with lever clasps, I always connect pairs together before putting them away.

Connect earrings to keep matches together

Because these acrylic trays are made to stack, you could add as many as necessary to store all of your earrings. I use two stacked together, with all of the earrings I wear regularly on the top tray, and I use the lower one for miscellaneous things that I don't need as often, like replacement earring backs, extra necklace chains, and holiday specific pieces.

Acrylic Stacking Trays

I also use one section of the lower tray to keep track of single earrings that I've lost the match to if I'm not ready to give up the search. This paid off big time a few years ago when I lost one of my favorite earrings! I looked everywhere online to buy a replacement, but with no look. But I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of its match, so I stashed it in the lower tray just in case. About 6 months later I was walking through the backyard and saw something glinting in the melting snow ... and there was the earring I had been searching for. I was so glad I had saved its mate!

CATCHALL TRAY. I try to be good at putting all of my jewelry away before bed each night, but inevitably some of always ended up piled up. I'd been looking for a good catch all tray, and this past month PopSugar did me one better! They sent me a Must Have boxes to check out {what's not to love about a box full of surprises each month?!}, and it included not only a pretty porcelain catchall tray, but also a matching ring dish!

Not only does the black and white Odeme catchall and ring dish combo give me a perfect place to drop my jewelry at the end of a long day, it's also the perfect place to sit out what I want to wear the next day.

P.S. If you're not familiar with POPSUGAR Must Have, it is a monthly lifestyle subscription box filled with unique surprises, including fashion, beauty, and home products {and often a yummy treat, as well} - in other words, happiness in a box. If you want to give it a try, or give a subscription as a gift, you can save $5 on your first box with code: SHOP5.

DOUBLE DUTY STORAGE. When organizing any space, I'm always looking for items that can do double duty, and that combine both style and function. The shelves that hold my jewelry in my closet are a perfect example, because below them is a tilt out laundry hamper.

Tilt out clothes hamper with shelves

Scott and I each have one of these hampers on our side of the closet. Have two hampers in the closet allows to pre-sort our dark and light laundry. The shelves of his hamper store extra towels, and he uses the top for his cologne and valet box with tie tacks and similar accessories.

We've had these hampers for more than a decade, but I was able to find some very similar options online for you, like this one, this one, and this one.

Here's one last quick look at all of my favorite jewelry organizing supplies:
White Key Racks for hanging necklaces

The Best Jewelry Organization

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