{annual report} What Got Done in 2016, What Didn't, and What's On the List for 2017

I'm not the best at formal goal setting, but I am a big list maker. Ever since we moved into our current home {8 years ago}, Scott and I have had a running list of household projects we want to tackle. It's a long and daunting list, but looking over it helps us determine what we want to save and budget for. 

A couple of years ago, we decided to break down our massive, long term list, and start mapping out priorities one year at a time. And I thought, why not document it on the blog to hold us accountable. So in early January of 2016, I shared a very ambitious list of projects I wanted to tackle during the year. Not surprisingly, I didn't come close to crossing off each item, but I am very proud of what we did get done! Each success, however, comes with the reality of projects left unfinished.

As promised, today I'm giving you a full report of what gone done and what didn't in 2016. I've also re-prioritized and updated the list with a few new projects I want to accomplish in 2017.

  • UPDATES TO OUR MASTER BATHROOM BIG SUCCESS! When I put the master bathroom on our list, I envisioned that we'd make some updates to add a bit of style and organization. But once we started planning the changes to the bathroom, we decided to go big and really make it the bathroom of our dreams! Be sure to check out the full bathroom reveal post for all of the photos and details of our Graphic Glam Bathroom makeover!

  • SEWING STATION HANGS HEAD IN SHAME! Ugggh! This project was on my 2015 list, and then my 2016 list... but once again it still didn't get done. The plan is to turn the unused armoire in our master bedroom into a mini sewing "room."  When our boys were babies, we used the armoire as "baby central," but it has sat untouched since then. I did buy the hardware for the project back in 2015, and even rounded up some great small sewing and craft space inspiration, but that's as far as I've gotten.

  • GUEST ROOM WORKOUT CORNER WORK IN PROGRESS! After designing Beckett's "big boy" room a few years back, our workout equipment needed a new place to live. Our elliptical machine was relocated to our honeymoon inspired guest bedroom. Since the guest room is now serving a dual purpose, I have been intending to make the new workout corner more functional, and make it look nicer with the design of the room. I didn't get this project finished, but a new room divider does help it blend in. This one is a work in progress.
  • GUEST ROOM CLOSET ORGANIZATION  JUST NEEDS PRETTIER LABELS.  Last year I showed you how I used one half of our guest room closet for wrapping paper and gift wrap supplies, and this year I finally finished organizing the other half of the closet to store lots of miscellaneous supplies that didn't fit elsewhere in the house. I haven't taken any pretty pictures of this space yet, but I plan to share it soon... just as soon as I create some prettier labels.
  • DECORATING PROJECTS IN THE BASEMENT SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY.  This past year I shared some tips on how to create a functional shared family room and playroom. One end of our basement family room is a play area, and the other is where we watch tv and movies as a family. The space works great for us, but I still haven't gotten around to finishing the design projects that I've had planned for ages, including adding something decorative above the giant TV and creating a gallery wall around the door {on the left side of the photo}. This will be a carry over to the 2017 list, for sure!

  • GETTING THE GARAGE UNDER CONTROL OUR BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THE YEAR!  I am over the moon to be able to check this one off of our list. It was one of those projects that absolutely had to get done, but I was dreading it. The original goal was just to get the garage cleaned up and organized so that we could actually find things and park our cars back inside. I never dreamed we would actually be able to make the garage pretty, as well! Be sure to check out the all of the garage makeover reveal photos, and keep an eye out for another post soon that will have all the organizing details.

  • REORGANIZING OUR HOME OFFICE IT'S A HOT MESS!  You know the saying, it gets worse before it gets better? Well, 2016 was the year of the office getting worse, so I am counting on 2017 to be the year it gets better! This was the photo of the mess BEFORE a plumbing problem caused me to empty all of my craft supplies out of half of the closet. They landed on every flat surface and I just haven't had the time or motivation to get this space back under control. But it has to happen soon or I might lose my mind. 
  • COAT CLOSET ORGANIZATION SUCCESS! I am thrilled to have this project completed, thanks to a partnership with Closet Factory! Our coat closet used to be such a source of stress for our family because we could never find what we needed, but now I could just open the doors and stare at it all day. It's organized bliss! You can read all of the details in my coat closet organization post.

  • CAR ORGANIZATION One Big Step Forward!  I still have a few ideas of how to get our cars better organized, but we did take a major step forward this year by creating an Organized Car Kit! This kit contains all of our first aid supplies, tools, snacks, and other essentials, as well as a few fun things for the kids. It is a life saver on road trips, and is perfect for busy days around town!

  • STOP THE PILES OF SHOES Soon. Very soon!  Living in a three story house has its challenges, and one of them is that we aren't very good at taking all of our shoes up two flights or stairs to return them to our bedroom. Instead, the shoes pile up on the floor in the kitchen and by the front door. But not for much longer. I just bought a shoe cabinet that I hope to get assembled over the weekend, which will allow us to keep shoes on the main floor in a much more stylish way.
  • CREATE A SEASONAL PROP CLOSET DONE, BUT STILL TWEAKING IT TO FUNCTION BETTER. Rather than storing all of our seasonal decor in the garage, I turned our second floor hall closet into a "prop closet" of sorts. I organized all of our seasonal pillows and accessories in this closet for easier access and quicker transitions from one holiday and season to the next, leaving just the Christmas ornaments and bulkier holiday decor in the garage. I got the prop closet set up back in February {when I shared this in progress photo on Facebook}, but I'm still tweaking the system to make it function better as one season comes out and another goes in. Once I get it right, I'll definitely post about it.

  • DRESS UP CLOSET ORGANIZATION WELL ON ITS WAY!  My boys love to play dress up, so I've been working to get their collection organized in a way that they can easily access everything and help to clean up when they are done. It needs a bit more work, but it's getting there {especially now that I found another place to store their movie watching blankets and sleeping bags so that they aren't taking up the floor space in front of the dress up clothes}. I'll share the details soon...


Not only did we accomplish a lot around the house last year, it was also a great year for the blog and for our family!

  • Magazine Photoshoot at Our House... I can't spill all the details just yet, but I promise to share more once the issue is published!

  • Online Features... Lots of exciting features across numerous online publications, including HGTV, Good Housekeeping, the Better Homes and Gardens blog, and Woman's Day!
  • Client Projects... Early this year I completed my first project with an e-design client in another state, which was a fun challenge. And I have several other ongoing client projects that are carrying into the new year. I'll share more details about those projects once they wrap up.
  • On the personal side... Cooper turned 3 in May and is the sweetest, most talkative kid, and his songwriting keeps me entertained! Our family spent all summer in the mountain town of Breckenridge while Scott performed at a theater there, and it was such a relaxing way to escape from life for a couple of months. Then in the fall we took our first family vacation to Disneyland, Sea World, and the San Diego Zoo. And just last week, Beckett turned 5! I can't believe that he'll be starting kindergarten in the fall, and I will so miss having him home with me! He's the most thoughtful and silliest kid, and his new love of telling jokes cracks me up daily!

Now let's talk plans for 2017! Despite not finishing last year's list, I'm dreaming big once again. These are the decorating and organizing projects I hope to tackle in the new year:
  • Carry Overs from 2016 - Each of the items that I didn't accomplish in 2016 are carrying forward on my list, including:
    • Creating a sewing station in our bedroom armoire
    • Finish the work out corner of our guest bedroom
    • Finish organizing the hall closets that stalled out at the half way point, including on the first, second and third floors
    • Reorganize the home office/craft closet and clean up the room
    • Complete the decorating projects in the basement family room to make the space feel finished
  • New Projects for 2017:
    • Because of the layout of our house, the kids spend a lot of time playing in the kitchen. We currently have a few toys bins in there, but as the boys' interests are changing, and they are doing a lot more drawing and coloring, I want to give them an organized art cart in the kitchen to let them expand their creativity!
    • I originally planned to update Cooper's nursery to a big boy room this year, but now he and Beckett and begging to share a room {bunk beds have been requested}, so it looks like I'll be created a shared bedroom for the boys. Beckett's "little gentleman's" bedroom will then become a playroom, which shouldn't require much in the way of changes to that space.
    • Now that we are officially diaper free in our house, I figure it's time that they boys' bathroom get a small makeover to feel more like their own space. I have some super plans in mind {yep, that's a hint}! I would like to paint, change the mirror and light fixture, and add some boy-approved art and accessories.
    • In addition to organizing and cleaning up our home office, I've decided I want to give the office a totally new look. This may just end up being a One Room Challenge space in the fall if I can save up my pennies.
    • Just days before Christmas, we ended up with a roof/deck leak that resulted in a giant hole being cut in the ceiling of our guest bathroom. We'll be getting it repaired as soon as we can be sure that the patch is holding. In trying to find the silver lining to the current mess, I'm thinking it may finally be time to do a few of the upgrades I've been wanting in the guest bathroom, including new light fixtures and framing out the mirror.
    • This last one is the least likely to happen this year, but since I can't stop thinking about it, I'll put it on the list anyway. I really want to continue the graphic glam style of our newly renovated master bathroom into our walk-in closet. The closet is a decent size, but not laid out well, and definitely not pretty. I'm dreaming of a closet makeover that would allow for better organization and lots more style! If not in 2017, then this will be high on my list for the next year once I've had more time to save up for it!
Once again it's a long list...and it's on top of all of the client projects that I have taken on. I have high hopes for what I can accomplish in 2017, but I'll also be focusing to making more time to relax and just enjoy life with my sweet family!

What projects are at the top on your list for 2017?

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  1. Whew! When do you sleep??? Impressive accomplishments, to say the least!!! I enjoy reading your blog and being inspired!! Thank you!