{one room challenge} Garage Makeover Week 5: In the Home Stretch

Just like this World Series game that's at the top of the 10th as I write this update, our One Room Challenge garage makeover is in the home stretch, but the stress levels are high! 

The garage was looking so good last week. I could have stood and stared all day at the rows upon rows of white drawers and shelves just waiting to be filled up and organized! And maybe I did, because I can't seem to figure out where the last week went. We didn't get nearly as much done this week as I would have liked, but I do have some fun sneak peeks to share!

Before I go on, let me pause to catch you up. If your new here, you can read all about the One Room Challenge here, and you can catch up on the first four weeks of the garage makeover in these posts:

Did I mention how much I love to organize? All those drawers and totes are going to make our garage such a happier place... one where we can actually find things when we need them. But the organization has been slow going and we are officially in the "storm before the calm" phase of things right now.

We made trips to our storage unit and my mother-in-laws basement and started bring back all the stuff that we hauled out just a few weeks ago. And just like that the garage looks like a disaster again as I slowly start transferring things into the new storage. I will be so worth it a week from now, but right now, the mess is stressing me out because I have so many other projects on the to do list that I'm hoping to get to.

In good news, though, the drawers are working perfectly for all the things I envisioned would fit in them... like all of our car wash supplies.

In our continued effort to clear the floor of the garage once and for all, one of the major items on the to do list this week was hanging lots of things on the walls. Except that didn't exactly go as planned. It turns out that just about every set of wall hooks and brackets we bought was the wrong size or didn't work for one reason or another.

The pulley-system for our bikes will end up working out {I think} but need to hang the opposite direction of what we imagined, so we have to head back to the store for more hardware.

After a very frustrating night of false starts, we finally, finally managed to get our sawhorse/work tables hung on the wall using the hooks we had bought for something else. Everything else will have to go up this weekend {fingers crossed}.

One piece of good news though, is that the new white walls and reflective floor make the light in the garage so much better than it used to be! It even turned out to be a great place to film a little organizing video tutorial.

Remember last week when I showed you a teaser photo of some cute storage containers that I was using to get our workbench organized in partnership with Creative Options {affiliate link}?

Well, now I can show you exactly what I was up to...

I wish I had more progress to show you this week... but it was just one of those weeks where life got in the way. First, we took lots time out to enjoy a weekend of Halloween activities and parties with the kids, which was so much more important and more fun than working on the garage...

And then I spent a day working on a client organizing project... ironically another garage! It felt a little crazy to be working in someone else's garage when mine is in a state of chaos, but seeing the finished space helped to remind me of the light at the end of the tunnel!

Organized Garage

Then on the way home from that project, with my three year old in the car, I got into the first real car accident of my life. I t-boned a car that was crossing a pretty major road against a stop sign {apparently he thought someone waved him across, so he went even though he couldn't see my direction of traffic until he was right in front of me}. Cooper and I are both ok {as is the other driver}, but it scared the heck out of me and definitely put a dent in my plans for the rest of the day (pun intended). Cooper informed me that I'm lucky he's a super hero because he kept us both safe. Thank goodness for my brave super-cutie!

Since I didn't have as much progress to show you this week as I had hoped, I wanted to give you a glimpse at a few fun projects I'm hoping I'll have time to squeeze in. I don't want to share too many details {gotta keep that 10th inning suspense going}, but here are some sneak peeks of what I'll be up to this week...

Have I piqued your interest? I hope so! Be sure to come back next week for the BIG REVEAL! And in the meantime, head over to Calling it Home to see what all the other ORC participant have been up to in this final home stretch! 


  1. SO much organizing goodness! I agree- where the heck did the week go?! I can't wait to see and then steal all your solutions next week! And, your fam of super heroes was ADORABLE!

  2. Yikes, sorry about the car accident, glad everything is okay. I still absolutely love those floors...they look too nice to walk on!!

  3. I love seeing the progress on your garage! It looks amazing so far!

  4. Gah! An organizers dream! This space is going to get some stuff DONE when you're finished with it!

  5. All that organizing goodness is making me SO HAPPY! Love it!

  6. Oh man - so glad you're all ok! We didn't get much done this week, either. Here's to a productive week 6!

  7. It's borderline unhealthy just how happy those neatly organized containers make me. And you're saying you didn't get much done?! Lady, you filmed a video for the blog!!! That alone would've taken me a couple of weeks of stressing out about, before finally filming. Ha! So glad you and Cooper are OK after the accident, though. I hope this week is super productive for you. I have a feeling that when all is said and done, your garage will look better than 90% of my house. LOL

  8. I'm excited to see your final reveal next week! I'm still giddy of all that storage and organization to be done!

  9. I can totally related to the measuring things and not working out well like the pulleys, its very frustrating! but looks like you worked things out! Its going to look amazing.
    Dream Garage.

  10. First, the pic of you and your family is adorable!!! Love it! Second, my garage is incredibly jealous of your garage! And third, I can't wait to see your projects!

  11. Wow!! You have accomplished so much! Those floors are GORG and I'm loving all of the great storage and shelving you are going to have. This would be a dream for our garage!! Can't wait to see your reveal ;)

  12. It is all so awesome Angela! You are seriously inspiring me to whip our garage back into shape! Looking forward to the reveal!

  13. I'm so glad to hear you and Cooper are ok! How scary!! It sounds like you have a lot of work organizing but I know it will look so good once it's all done. Thursday can come fast enough!

  14. So glad to hear you and Cooper are OK - that must have been such a scary experience for you both. You've got a lot of work ahead of you but I know you'll get it done. So looking forward to the big reveal :-)

  15. I could talk about the fabulous garage situation, but my happiness that Cooper saved both of you surpasses even my love of organization!

  16. I am in awe of your organizing talent. So so glad you were not injured in your accident. I am sure that was frightening. Thank goodness for superheros!! Looking forward to your reveal! xox