{five minute friday} Washi Tape Canisters Three Ways

I love fun and fast projects! There was a time when I used to think some of my quick project weren't worth sharing on the blog because they were too simple, but a couple of years ago I shared a super fast update I made to my bathroom canisters, and people went crazy for it! 

I think that was the first time I realized that everyone loves a quick and easy project. Duh! Of course you do! We don't always have a lot of free time, let alone a big budget, but we can all squeeze out five minutes while we wait for water to boil or while we chat on the phone with mom. That's why Five Minute Friday was born - to help you find ways to make the most of those few spare moments, whether it be to make something a little prettier or a little more function... or better yet, both!

With that in mind, I thought it would be fun today to look back at that first five minute project that started it all, as well a couple more ways that I've updated other canisters in our house with washi tape for stylish and functional organization.

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A couple of years ago, I had my eye on some new canisters for the master bathroom, but I knew eventually we'd be doing a major reno project and wanted to hold off on buying new canisters until then {we finally got around to that graphic glam bathroom makeover this spring}. Since I wasn't ready to spend any money at that time, I decided to dress up my existing canisters with something I already had on hand - silver washi tape.

I created stripes on the canisters using the washi tape - with each piece of tape overlaping slightly in the back.  I ensured that each stripe started and ended in the same place, allowing me to turn the overlaps out of view.

And when I was done - less than five minutes later - my canisters had a whole new look!

Washi Tape Striped Canisters

I used them in the bathroom for two years after adding the washi tape, and it never peeled off. They looked just now as they did then. I'm no longer using them in the bathroom {because they were replaced with new beauties from CB2}, but I've relocated themto my husband's closet where we're using them to store collar stays and similar small items.

Last fall when I was planning our laundry closet makeover, I had visions of black and white stripes dancing in my head, but since the laundry closet doesn't have a lot of room for decor, I had to find ways to incorporate the stripes into my functional items.

I started by adding some striped washi tape to the edges of the shelves {be sure to read that tutorial if you want to try it, because they're is a trick to getting it to stick!}

I also added the same black and white striped washi tape to two different sets of canisters to create stylish storage for all of my laundry room essentials.

First up, I bought 8 BURKEN jars with lids from IKEA for the bargain price of $2.99 each. I compared my roll of washi tape the jar lid and determined it was exactly the same width. I love when things work out that way! I quickly added one strip of washi tape around the top of each jar.

Washi Tape Canister Lids

I then filled the jars with my small laundry supplies, including my favorite tool for removing pills from sweaters, my mesh bags for washing delicate items, stain remover wipes and pens, and packets of HE washing machine cleaner.

Laundry Room Canisters with washi tape

The other four jars contain sewing and mending related supplies, including a measuring tape and small scissors, thread {including those little packets of mending thread that sometimes come with your clothes}, extra buttons, and needles and pins.

Sewing Kit Canisters with Washi Tape Lids

I placed all of my new canisters in two of the Elfa Utility Large/Deep Baskets that we mounted on the back of our laundry closet door using an Elfa mounting rail. Using the back of doors is one of my favorite ways to maximize storage space, and since these doors are open in our hallway much of the time, I love that the washi tape on the canister lids make the storage look a little more stylish!

Laundry closet back of door storage canisters

After organizing most of my laundry essentials in the baskets on the back of the door, I had two containers that were too large for this space - my my laundry detergent pods and my OxiClean. For these, I purchased two larger kitchen canisters from Target. The lids of these canisters were much taller than those on my small canisters, but I still wanted to add the washi tape detail, so this time I used two rows of overlapping tape, being careful to keep the stripes aligned.

Laundry detergent in canisters with washi tape detail

I love the way that, with the addition of the washi tape, these canisters now coordinate perfectly with my lidded, striped jute basket, which serves as a lint collector. If you are looking for other laundry closet storage solutions, I have got lots of tips and tricks.

Laundry room canisters for detergent

Washi tape is so versatile and fun to decorate with. Here are a few other washi tape projects you might like:

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