{diy with style} How to Paint Faster with a PaintStick EZ-Twist Roller

I used to hate painting bathrooms! There are so many nooks and crannies, and places that are really awkward to reach. If you've ever tried wedging a step ladder {unsteadily} into your bath tub, and then nearly tripped over the edge of the tub as you climb down to reload your paint roller, then you know just what I mean. 

Nonetheless, I was so eager to banish the beige in our master bathroom that I was willing to once again endure bathroom painting. But when my friends at HomeRight learned what I was working on, they offered to send me a tool that they promised would make the process much quicker and easier. 

It did - and I've got the video to prove it!

HomeRight PaintStick EZ-Twist Paint Roller Video Tutorial

I was able to paint my entire master bathroom without having to climb up and down a ladder, and I only had to refill my paint roller once in the entire process. Talk about a game changer!

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A few of my DIYer friends had told me about HomeRight's PaintStick EZ-Twist Roller in the past, but without seeing it in person, I could never really wrap my mind around how it worked. I knew that you somehow filled the stick with paint, allowing you to work for a long time without needing to reload ... but until I saw the PaintStick in person, I didn't understand how it worked. I couldn't figure out how you filled it with paint without making a big mess, or how the paint got from the stick onto the roller. But once I got my hands on the PaintStick and tried it for myself, it made so much sense! 

Since I needed to see the PaintStick EZ-Twist Roller in order to really understand it, and since painting is hard to demonstrate in photos alone, I decided that a video tutorial would be the best way to show you exactly how it works. 

Prior to the start of the video, we prepped the room by taping and painting the edges with a brush, like we would normally do before beginning to paint with a roller. From that point forward, the video should cover everything you need to know about painting with the PaintStick EZ-Twist Roller - from filling the handle with paint and saturating the roller, to tips for painting an entire room in less time. 

At the end of the video, I had finished painting the water closet and the wall above the tub. I then proceeded to paint the rest of the bathroom, and I only had to refill the roller once during the entire painting process. I seriously blew my mind, and it actually made painting the bathroom fun! I loved being able to just keep going and going and going {just call me the Energizer Bunny}. 

I think the video covers everything that you'll need to know, but if you have a question, feel free to leave it in the comments below. I know that some of you like to know paint colors, so I'll answer that now. The two shades or gray we used match our master bedroom. The light gray throughout the bathroom is Benjamin Moore Metropolitan (AF-690), and the dark gray in the water closet is Kwal AccuTone CL-3236A {which is the same dark gray we've used throughout our house, including in the living room, kitchen, and guest room}.

If you haven't already seen how the graphic glam master bathroom makeover turned out, be sure to check out all of the final photos! The fresh, gray paint served as the perfect backdrop for all of the bold changes we made in the space, and I couldn't be happier with how it all came together!

Be sure to pin the image below so that you can find you way back to this video the next time you have a room to paint!

HomeRight PaintStick EZ-Twist Roller Video Tutorial

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  1. I have never used anything like it. I too, could not understand how the paint would get from the stick to the roller. The video is definitely helpful!

  2. I have been wanting one of these! I need to repaint ceilings, among other things... putting it on my list!

  3. Pinning this for my new house! We just bought our first home and move in in September. We'll have a fun week of painting before that! :)

  4. It's more elegant now. Love your work!

  5. I have the same roller and it works well, indeed. Thanks so much for the paint tips: they are very useful for me

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