{Denver style} Mid Century Modern Architecture for a New Century

Like many cities, Denver has well preserved pockets of mid century modern homes built between 1935 and the mid-1950s, including Arapahoe Acres, the first mid-mod neighborhood to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. But if you think mid-mod is just a thing of the past, think again! A brand new Denver neighborhood is bringing an updated version of mid century modern to a new generation.

Last month I shared a photo from one of these homes on Instagram.  You guys loved it and requested to see more! So that's just what I'm bringing you today...

In Columbine Valley, a suburb just south of Denver, a new neighborhood is under construction that will include 24 individually modern ranch homes that draw inspiration from the mid-mod style. I've had the privilege of working with the developers over the past year - designing their initial website {soon to be taken over by their recently engaged realtor group} and getting lots of behind the scenes sneak peeks at the design and construction process.

The neighborhood, called Wilder Lane, offers a "new century" take on mid century modern architecture. It keeps the traditional elements of mid mod style -- the open indoor spaces, natural light, indoor/outdoor seamlessness, clean architectural lines, and simple materials --  but it updates the home style for a new generation that accommodates current lifestyles {think bigger bathrooms and closets!}.

Some of the homes the Wilder Lane neighborhood and being pre-designed, while other lots are available for a buyer to work with the builder to design their own mid century modern inspired home. Can you just imagine?!

The houses are all around 3,500 square feet, and are all ranch style {also know as rambler, depending on your part of the country} with large, finished basements. The prices range from $900K and up - not exactly a starter home neighborhood, but more affordable than many of its neighbors in Columbine Valley.

The first four homes in the neighborhood are complete {or very nearly complete}, and it has been so much fun watching them go from these gorgeous architectural renderings...

 to real live homes...

If you're like me, I bet what you really want to see is inside these homes, so let's take a peek inside the above home - 3 Wilder Lane!

Oh, those windows make me swoon!! My house has very modern architecture, but we don't have any large windows like that, and I'm so jealous!

You might notice there's a fireplace out on the patio...

It's a look-through fireplace shared with the living room.

 These homes might be inspired by 1950s architecture, but this is not your grandma's bathroom! Check out the size of that shower!

And if you think basements are always dark, think again! The open staircase lets all the light from the front windows shine directly down into the basement.

Each of the homes has a large family room in the basement with a wet bar, a couple more bedrooms, and loads of storage space!

All images above are used with the permission of NCM Wilder Lane LLC. Architectural design and renderings ©Studio Gunn Architecture, LLC; Exterior & Interior Photography ©Tom Z Productions Ltd.

There are lots of ways you can bring the mid-mod look into your own home. Target has an amazing collection of mid century modern furniture right now, or for a quicker, easier way to inject the mid mod feel, grab a few throw pillows! Here are a few of favorite mid-mod inspired pieces {these are affiliate links; if you buy something that I recommend, you pay the same price, but I may receive a small commission}:

You'll find lots more fun and funky mid century modern throw pillows here!

So what do you guys think of this concept of building an entire new neighborhood in the mid century modern style? Would you want to live here {if price were no object}? Let me know if you enjoyed seeing these photos, and I be able to share more as additional houses are completed in Wilder Lane!


  1. I LOVE this! We live in a 150 year old home and I love so much about it, but at heart I am a modernist. These are so very cool.

  2. I love everything about this neighborhood. So jealous of the basement too!

  3. I live thousands of miles away in the UK and would move there in a second! Whilst not, as you said, starter-home prices, they seem to offer excellent value and the spaces look fantastic.