{five minute friday} 14 Everyday Items That Can Be Repurposed as Flower Vases

Adding flowers to any room immediately brightens up the space {fresh or fake, I don't discriminate}. For even more interest, get creative with your vases. Rather than grabbing that clear glass vase from the top shelf of the cabinet, why not look around the house for some other items that can be repurposed to create unique and colorful vases to add an unexpected touch to your decor?!

San Pellegrino Bottles Upcycled as Flower Vases

I like to add a lot of cheerful color to our home for spring and summer, and this year I created a simple centerpiece with a line of San Pellegrino bottles filled with faux cherry blossom stems.

Turn San Pellegrino bottles into vases by adding faux flowers

I just love the way the pink flowers contrast against the bright green glass, and the blue labels help to tie everything together in the room. 

San Pellegrino Bottles Repurposed As Vases

Just about container or bottle around the house can be repurposed as a flower vase, you just have to get a little creative. Here are 13 more ideas that I rounded up to get your wheels turning! {Please pin the images from their original source, as noted below the photos.}

Coffee Canister Vase {via Polished Habitat}

Martini Shaker Vase {via One Kings Lane}

Chanel Vase {via A Bit of Bees Knees}

Coke Bottle Vases {via Knot Too Shabby}

Flowers in a Coffee Mug {via Mikaela Rae}

Apple Juice Bottle Turned Vase {via A Cultivated Nest}
This is a great way to get the look of Pottery Barn's ovesized wine bottle vases {affiliate link} at a fraction of the price!

Tea Tins as Succulent Planters {via Sarah Johnson | Make Something}

Assorted Bar Glasses {via Hey There Home on Instagram}

Salt & Pepper Shaker Mini Vases {via Madigan Made}

Wine Bottle Vases {via Uncommon Designs}
Tip: I've got the easiest possible method for removing wine bottle labels

Patron Bottle Vase {via Her Campus}

Light Bulb Vase Balanced On a Napkin Ring {via Home Design on FB; found on Style Motivation}

Dipping Bowl as a Succulent Planeter {via Little Bits of Home}
This cute dipping bowl is from Target, where they sell small, colorful bowls {affiliate link} in a variety of colors and patterns

I had so much fun putting together this collection of repurposed vases, and now I'm eyeing up everything in my house that I could possibly put flowers in. If you love these ideas as much as I do, here's an image you can pin to remember them for later:

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Well, this is commendable...

    I never thought of using these general items as flower vases, but you shared a very nice list for sure...

    These can be used in some bigger events like weddings, corporate meetings and others as well.

  2. Who knew how repurposing containers could be so elegant! Ideal for weddings and restaurants!