{mood board monday} Drawing Backyard Inspiration from a Favorite Vacation Photo

What's the weather been like in your neck of the woods? I know in some parts of the country it's felt like summer for months already, but here in Denver it was snowing at the end April, and was rainy and chilly for the first half of May. But it's I'm finally feeling like we can start getting outside and enjoying the backyard... perfect timing since I'll be sharing some updated backyard photos as part of a summer home tour next week.

Our backyard is already pretty colorful {as you can see in last year's backyard tour}, but I've had my eye on a few new accessories to make the space even more inviting this year. We may be landlocked here in Colorado, but I'm drawing my inspiration from one of my favorite photos from our honeymoon in Greek islands...

Greek Island Backyard Color Palette

So that's the dream... relaxing, cool and serene, with some pops of pink! 

Here's what the back patio looks like today... 

Not quite a summer oasis...yet. But it will be soon! I plan to bring the space back to life this week, so that we'll be ready for a relaxing and fun Memorial Day Weekend {and a pre-celebration of Cooper, who turns 3 next week}. First on the agenda, I'll be potting the plants that we bought over the weekend, I'll uncover and fill our fountain, and then a little shopping may be in order.

Here's a mood board of some of the colorful outdoor additions that have my eye on...

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Greek Island Inspired Back Patio Color Palette Mood Board
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I'll also be adding a few more pops of bright color on the patio dining table thanks to some melamine plates I picked up in the Bullseye's Playground section {dollar section} of Target.

I bought these plates about a month ago, and the supply in that section of Target turns over very quickly, so it may be hit or miss to find them now, but for the price, it's worth a look! If you love these, here are a couple of sets of patio plates and tumblers you may also like: Teal and Blue Ikat Patio Dining and these Ikat Plastic Tumblers.

So that's the plan for refreshing the backyard for the summer. Not everyone of these items on my mood board will likely end up in the space... but hopefully I'll be able to achieve the overall vacation feel!

We did run into one minor complication that I'll be working out this week...

When we started uncovering our patio furniture this weekend, I was rudely reminded than an unexpected hailstorm at the end of the season last year shredded the cover on our couch cushion. I should have dealt with this months ago, but since the furniture was covered it was out of site and out of mind. 

I made a few calls about getting the cushion recovered, but, as I expected, most reupholsters are on a 6 week timeline. The would mean I'd have to drop the cushions off now, and not get them back until mid-July, leaving our outdoor furniture unusable in the meantime. Big planning fail on my part. 

Making completely new covers for the cushions is above my sewing skill level, but, I've come up with a temporary solution that I think will get us through this summer, and then when winter rolls around, I'll drop of the cushions to be reupholstered so that they'll be ready to go next year. I'll let you know how it turns out!

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