{one room challenge} Week 4: Tile, Mirrors, and Lighting Decisions

I swear that time speeds up as soon as the One Room Challenge begins. One week I'm feeling so on top of things, and the next I'm freaking out because there's only two weeks left and a list a mile long! 
But I'll keep pushing through, because were nearing the end of the construction phase, which means that I can finally start to see my the graphic glam plans for my formerly builder-basic master bathroom coming together

The wall of graphic cement tile went up this week, there's no longer a giant hole in the wall {both of which you've seen sneak peeks of if you're following me on Instagram and Facebook}, but we also now have mirrors, a door on our closet, and we're looking forward to seeing our FABULOUS new lights hanging from the ceiling sometime soon!

I've really got lighting on the mind, so I want to share that decision process with you guys, but first, let me catch you up on the progress that's been made since last week.

Full disclosure - we haven't DIYed everything in this space. I am happy to admit when something is beyond my current skill level, so I hired out the tile installation and the construction of the inset for the TV.

When we left off last week, there was giant hole in the wall - creating a window into the closet. The hole is no more! Instead, we now have a lovely inset allows a thin, flat screen TV to sit flush with the rest of the wall, making it possible for us to install a barn door to cover the closet opening without me having to give up my precious television. Creating this inset required bumping a few inches into Scott's side of the closet, but not enough to lose any valuable storage space.

With the hole repaired, I could finally paint the last remaining beige wall in the bathroom. This also brings us one step closer to banishing ALL of the beige in our house! Only the halls and three stairwells remain.

I love making our projects a family affair, and Cooper was more than happy to be my painting helper!

The door I ordered for the closet came in this week, but we had to paint it before we could install it barn door style.

As of yesterday, the door is in place and I no longer have to stare at my messy closet every time I walk into the bathroom! I'm keeping those photos to myself for now though {I have to keep some mystery!}.

As much as I love my TV inset and my new door, the biggest change this week was obviously the installation of the wall of cement tile above our counter.

Two of the three mirrors {affiliate link} for this space had to be special ordered, because West Elm only had one in stock, but fortunately they came in the same day that the tile was finished. That was perfect timing to be able to get all three hung and leveled at the same time.

Now we just need to get the lights installed so that we can really shine some light on the transformation!

Lamps Plus is always my first stop when I'm shopping for lighting, and because I have a store super close to my house, I often find myself browsing even when I'm not specifically in the market for new lights. That's why I was so thrilled when Lamps Plus agreed to partner with me as a sponsor of my One Room Challenge master bathroom makeover! The hard part, of course, was narrowing down the options.

We decided early on in the bathroom planning process that we would be relocating the lights from the wall above the mirrors to the ceiling. I envisioned one light hanging down in front of each of the three mirrors. After spending hours online pouring over the huge selection of chandeliers at Lamps Plus, I totally fell in love with all the ring style pendants. I was able to narrow it down to four favorites, but from there it was a really hard decision.

When I doubt, I always like to create a Photoshop renderings to help me visualize what the options will look like in the space. I already had a mock-up of the tile and mirrors {affiliate link} as result of prior indecision, so I was able to simply layer in the various lighting options.

This was the first light that caught my eye - the Possini Euro Wide Black Ring Pendant, which is currently on clearance, so that price was definitely right!

I like that this light has a double ring, with a narrower one up higher, but when I looked at the mock up, I realized this upper ring would probably get visually lost in the pattern of the tile.

The Access Oracle Collection Brushed Steel Pendant has a similar shape, but a much more space-age flair.

I always like sleek, modern metal, but worried that these light might be just a bit to modern, and not quite "glam" enough for the space.

This black and white striped Possini Euro Elfi LED Circle Pendant immediately caught my eye... as black and white stripes always do.

I love the look, but also wondered if it was too much black and white with the graphic tile pattern.

The final light I was considering was the Possini Euro Mulina Crystal Glass Pendant Light.
I described my bathroom makeover plans as graphic glam, and this light certainly screams glam. But too much so? I couldn't decide.

So which one would you have picked?

After much deliberation, the lights I finally chose are...

{If this were a reality show, this is where I'd make you wait until after a commercial break}

...the Possini Euro Elfi LED Circle Pendants! And they are ever bit as gorgeous in person!

I am so eager for the electrician to get these new lights installed, I feel like a kid waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve!

Now that the bulk of the construction work is done, I have a lot of paint touch up and clean up to do before I can start moving on to the rest of my list - like rehanging our giant photo mural, installing shelves, and beginning to style the space.

Thanks for stopping by to see this weeks progress update! Now be sure to head over to Calling it Home to see the updates from all of the other guest participants - it's so fun watching more than 200 rooms go from design plans to reality each week.


  1. That wall of cement tile is amazing! I'm excited to see the new barn door - I have been wanting one of those to close off our bathroom from our master for years. I just finished getting rid of the beige in our house about a month ago! Love your little helper :)

  2. Oh my gosh!!!!!!! That tile ... it's GORGEOUS Angela! And those lights are going to look fantastic hanging in front of it! Here's to another productive week to come!

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  4. It's looking fabulous! You are making great progress!

  5. Angela that tile is unbelievable!! So awesome!!!!! And the lights you chose!!! I'm dying. Reading about your bathroom is about a million times more fun than trying to finish my ORC right now. Thank you!

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    Tricia// Suburban BItches

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