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This Christmas season, I've had the incredible opportunity to connect with a great organization in my community - the Anchor Center for Blind Children - by providing them with a donated Christmas tree that I decorated for their family upcoming holiday party. I'll be sharing all of the details about that project and the fully decorated tree next week, but today I want to show how I created some custom ornaments for the tree. This is a great project for the kids to help with - super quick and easy, and no mess!

DIY gold glitter anchor Christmas tree ornaments

The Anchor Center obviously needed some anchor ornaments for their new Christmas tree, so my mom and I started brainstorming DIY options, but since we were on a very short timeline, it had to be super quick and easy!

We found some Silly Winks Glitter Sheets {backed by a think layer of foam} that were perfect for our ornament project when combined with a large anchor punch. Of course, you can choose any shape punch that fits your decor or simply catches your eye!

The foam sheets are thin enough to be easily punched - and best of all, very little if any glitter comes of when you cut and punch the sheets. I love the look of glitter, but it sure can be sure a pain to work with - so to get the look without the mess is a huge bonus in my book!

The punch cut through the foam with nice, smooth edges. It takes a decent amount of pressure to press down on the punch, but my boys loved helping by pressing down on top of my hand. Despite being quite thin, the foam backing provides just enough stability for the anchors to hold their shape perfectly.

I was able to punch an entire sheet of anchors in just a couple of minutes. The shape of the anchor lends itself perfectly to becoming an ornament because of the whole at the top, but you could easily use a regular hole punch to add a hole to the top of any other shape.

Once all of the anchors were cut out, I grabbed some left over gold thread and cut six inch lengths that I tied onto the ornaments to make the ready to hang on the tree.

DIY gold glitter anchor ornaments

My mom and I spent the afternoon decorating the tree, and the anchor ornaments were definitely just the special touch it needed! I'll show you the rest of the tree next week!

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