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Changing out hardware is one of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your space without investing a lot of time or money. Decorative knobs and pulls are like jewelry for your furniture and cabinets, and just like the accessories we choose for ourselves, they can be understated or can make a bold statement about our style and personality. By simply updating your hardware, you can adopt the latest trend or capture a period-specific style. Best of off all, it requires minimal commitment and can be quickly updated when your tastes change.

No matter your style preference, the options are really endless... if you know where to look. But decorative hardware prices range from affordable to outrageous, so finding the style you want on a budget can be a daunting task {as I learned recently when shopping for knobs for my laundry room makeover}. To help simplify the process, I've compiled a list of my go-to resources for affordable decorative knobs and pulls, and I'm sharing some of my current favorite picks!

Cabinet hardware decorative knobs and pulls

This post contains some affiliate links, denoted by an asterisk(*). If you buy something that I recommend, you pay the same price, but I may receive a small commission. 

I can't believe how many years I shopped at World Market for furniture and accessories before I finally realized that they sell a wide variety of decorative knobs, pulls, and hooks! Two of my current favorites are:

-1- Amethyst Glass Bubble Knobs* - set of 2 for $9.98 

-2- Clear Resin and Iron Knobs* - set of 2 for only $4.96

Have you ever wandered down the cabinet hardware aisle at Hobby Lobby? It's a dream come true for someone like me that loves to see things organized in rainbow order! There are so many options that range from whimsical to sophisticated.

-4- Gold Metal Horns Knob - $5.99/each 

This is one of my favorite online retails for cabinet hardware, as well as all other types or hardware {ranging from hinges to switch plates}.

-7- Twisted Cable Pull - $5.19 regular price {on sale now for $2.68}

-8- Mid Century Modern Chevron - $4.80 regular price {on sale for $2.75}

I'm actually surprised that I ended up putting Anthropologie on my list of affordable options, because they've always seemed pricey to me. But after lots of research and cabinet knob shopping in the past week, I now realize that Anthro isn't that expensive by comparison. There are certainly cheaper options on this list, but you'll find styles at Anthro that you won't find elsewhere, and if you only need a few knobs for a dresser or bathroom cabinets, it's worth considering. If, on the other hand, you need knobs for an entire kitchen, you'll probably want to look elsewhere!

-9- Klandon Knobs* - $16.00/each

-10- Callisto Knob* - $14.00/each

-11- Telescope Knob* - $10/each

Etsy is a great resource for just about everything, and cabinet knobs are no exception. By simply searching the color or style you are looking for, you'll find a wide range of options from various sellers. This is how I found the black and white striped knobs I envisioned for my laundry room {which I'll show to you soon}. 

As I was browsing hardware options on Etsy, I found one seller in particular that had SO many fabulous modern options! This seller - MINIHAPPYLV - is based in China, but despite not being handcrafted in the US like much of what you'll find on Etsy, there are some seriously stylish choices that I had to share with you, and the seller gets good reviews!

-12- Drop Rings - $4.40/each

-13- Semi-Circle Pulls - $6.50 each/$13 pair

Here are a couple of my other favorites from this same seller: Crystal Drop Knobs; Modern Dresser Pulls

The name of this online retailer says it all - they have lots of very cool and unique knobs and pulls, as well as every other kind of hardware you might need for your home, including towel bars, drawer slides, and decorative metal legs. 

-14- Square Marble Knobs - $4.99/each

-15- Glass Collection Green Knob - $8.85/each

-16- Galleria Drawer Pull - $7.61/each

-17- Sedona Bronze - $3.48/each

Know I want to hear from you... What are your favorite resources for affordable decorative knobs and pulls? Tell me what I should be adding to my list!
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