{one room challenge} Laundry List: Week 2 Update

The first week of the One Room Challenge has already come and gone, so it's time to check in on the laundry and linen closet makeover. Last week I showed you the concept and design plans, and this week I want to talk about the specifics, including what was working and what wasn't in the former space, and what's on the to do list. 

But first, you probably want a progress update.  Let's see...I caught up on about 6 loads of laundry. {Nothing like having to disconnect the washer and dryer to motivate you to do laundry, right?!} 

And I completely emptied the space...which means that, while the linen closet now looks like this {minus the shelves - they're gone too}...

...the guest room now looks like this...

And that's about all I have to show for this week, but next week the changes should be a bit more dramatic. Which brings me back to the plans.

As a reminder, here's what the laundry closet looked like until last week.

What Was & What Wasn't Working in the Old Space:
  • I always loved having art hanging in the laundry closet because it helped it feel more like a room, but this particular art was just no longer my style. The new laundry room will have plenty of art, but it will take up less of the valuable wall space.
  • The light in the closet is poor at best, and the red walls weren't helping.
  • The melamine board was functioning well as a countertop, and the hat boxes were doing a great job of corralling all of our laundry detergents and other supplies... but the hat boxes were simply taking up too much of the counter space. The goal in the new space is to have a wide open counter ideal for folding laundry.
  • The hanging rod provided plenty of space for clothes straight out of the dryer, but it was too high for me to easily reach, meaning it too often went unused
  • The linen closet was organized once upon a time, but had become cluttered and dysfunctional

The TO DO List for the New Space...
  • Brightening up the walls with white brick wallpaper
  • Adding a new pendant for added light and style
  • Add a light on the linen closet side
  • Install cabinets above the washer and dryer for added storage
  • Hang updated art
  • Give the countertop a higher end look on a low budget
  • Create a new place to hang clothes that's easier to reach
  • Utilize the inside of the closet doors for additional storage
  • Purge and reorganize the linen closet, making it prettier along the way
Thanks for stopping by for this week's update! Next week I'll have more pictures for your...thought I can't promise they'll be pretty pictures just yet. But progress is progress, right?!

Have you have a chance to check out some of the design plans from the other One Room Challenge participants? There are some seriously killer plans from some seriously talented bloggers - and you can find them all in one place at Calling it Home! Thanks again to Linda for hosting this fantastic event that helps to motivate us all!

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  1. Looking good, Angela! I can't wait to see how you make a countertop!

  2. Holy smokes! Isn't it amazing how much we can fit into such a small space?! You never really realize until you pull it ALL out! Can't wait to see what you get up to next week!

  3. Ha! I am redoing our second bath for the ORC. I had to empty everything out yesterday and it is all lining the hallway! My family is a tiny bit annoyed :) I'm really excited to see this come together!

  4. I love the fresh feeling of the design! I have one of those "bedroom" pics except it's my study full of pantry items! lol Looking forward to following your progress :)

  5. Girl, your laundry room looks like a dream....I cannot wait to see how you put it all together. Is it not funny how much stuff we can pull out of a small room? lol!

  6. Sometimes I think the clean out might be the worst part - my dining room is full of all the laundry room junk, so now we have two non-functioning areas. Ack
    I hear ya on the piles of laundry. Looking forward to your update next week!

  7. I am so excited to see this happen! I love your ideas! I have to laugh at what your guest room looks like, I always say that with a home decor blog.. especially a DIY one it takes a whole lot of mess to get to the pretty!

  8. Haha, I laughed at your comment about the 6 loads of laundry - so true! Excited to see you small space transform!

  9. Ha, yes, that's exactly what my breakfast nook looks like while we're redoing our bathroom! :)

  10. Really excited to see this room come together!